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Essel Group to foray into the wellness sector

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Dr. Subhash Chandra (Essel Group) has invested in the Global Wellness Group, which recently launched the Covette Clinic at ION Orchard, a high-end aesthetics clinic. After helping to launch the Covette Clinic in Singapore, he will shortly be opening the Yo1 Wellness Center in New York, a resort focusing on health, fitness and natural healing. […]

Emotional wellness travel on the rise in India, ‘healing with holiday’ vacations are the latest getaways

wellness tourism india

Young professional in India are combining healing with holidaying (under the guidance of professional therapists). Emotional wellness vacations are the new wave in travel. Young and stressed out professionals in India are blocking their travel itinerary with emotional wellness vacations. And these are not just for the stressed out folks, wellness getaways (under the guidance […]

Top Wellness Restaurants in India

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As more people are becoming conscious about leading a healthy lifestyle, restaurants focusing on healthy and organic food are springing up throughout the country. Top restaurants in India that focus on wellness and dress the table with nutritive dishes. Lumière Organic Restaurant, Bangalore: A cafe, a store, and a bakery, this multi-faceted brand is your […]

Admirable Morning Habits of Mumbaikars

Though Mumbai may not be the best of the cities when it comes to standard of living, there are certain things that people of Mumbai do better than most people in other global cities. Here are some admirable Morning Habits of Mumbaikars as per a global lifestyle survey. Times of India What we can learn […]

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