Unesco includes Yoga in intangible cultural heritage list, calls it ‘human treasure’

Meditation & Yoga Scene in India

Unesco has included Yoga in its ‘intangible’ cultural heritage list, calls it ‘human treasure’. The declaration enjoyed the unanimous support of the 24-member Committee. The declaration is seen as a diplomatic triumph for India, and is expected to put spotlight on the numerous institutions and communities in India that teach yoga. “This declaration of yoga […]

Indian-American film on dangers of dietary supplements makes waves at film festivals

‘The Last Smile’ (based on true story), highlighting the dangers of unregulated dietary supplements, is getting great reviews at most film festivals. The movie is a true life story of Amit Zutshi (young Indian-American and son of film producer Jeevan Zutshi) who died (in 2008) due to the dangerous unregulated supplements. “The movie was produced […]

Virat Kohli’s fitness, workout & diet Secrets that makes him the best athlete in the world

Virat Kohli Chisel

Virat Kohli gets serious about his fitness, wants to become the best Athlete in the World, says “Train hard or don’t train at all” From a healthy-eating, alcohol-drinking youngster to a lean-mean machine, Virat’s transformation has been remarkable. It was former India coach Duncan Fletcher who made Virat realize the importance of fitness. Virat Kohli […]

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