Top health benefits of eating pomegranate


Pomegranate (known as Anar in hindi) is one of the healthiest fruits that you could eat. Its easily available and offers several health benefits for your body. It has often been referred as the divine fruit because of its mention in theological books. Pomegranate has anti-oxidant, anti-viral and anti-tumor properties and is a good source […]

Connective Tissue: The Basics

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Connective Tissue, the most widespread and abundant type of tissue in the human body. Any tissue in our body that connects one part to another is connective. Here are the different types of Connective Tissues. Cartilage Flexible and rubbery, not as rigid as bone, and not as soft as muscle; connects bone to bone. Does […]

Fake ‘Plastic’ eggs sold to woman in Kolkata, India


Now here’s another reason why most people in India don’t trust the food produce that’s sold in markets in India. A shopkeeper was arrested for selling “artificial eggs” (made of plastic). ‘Sunday or Monday, eat eggs everyday’, remember that ad on television which promoted eggs as healthy food? No doubt egg is the richest source […]

Bones: Types & Functions

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Bones Types & Functions: Beginners Guide. Types Of Bones Long Bones: These are longer than wider, articulating cartridges at both ends. Examples – Femur, Tibia, Fibula, Humerus, Radius, Ulna Miniature long bones: These are long bones but miniature in appearance. Examples – Metacarpals, Metatarsals, Phalanges Modified Long Bones: For example, Clavicle has modified shaft and […]

Muscular system (muscles): Types, functions, properties

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Understanding Muscular system: Here’s a beginner guide on muscle types, properties and its functions. Types of Muscles Cardiac muscles (Heart) Smooth muscles (Intestines) Skeletal muscles (Voluntary & Striated) Functions of Muscles In addition to assisting in structural and movement-related functions, there are many more things that our muscles do. Here’s more about the functions of […]

How young is too young for weight training?

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While weight training at a young age can interfere with a child’s normal growth, these injuries are almost due to using too much weight and without improper technique (and guidance). Experts say smart strength training, with much lower weights, is absolutely acceptable and beneficial. Misconceptions about Weight Training There are lot of misconceptions about weight […]

Types of Muscle Contractions

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Learn more about the various types of muscle contractions. Types of Muscle Contractions Muscle contractions are defined by the changes in the length of the muscle during contraction. There are basically three types of muscle contractions: Isotonic (tension remains same) Isometric (same distance or not moving) Isokinetic (speed remains same) Isotonic Contractions In Isotonic contractions, […] signs Rs 1-bn partnership with Hrithik’s HRX

Curefit announced its Rs 1 billion partnership with Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan, who will promote Curefit through his brand, HRX. Hrithik’s signature workout ‘HRX Workout’, designed by him along with his personal trainer under his brand HRX, is available exclusively at all CULT centers and eventually will be made available on the mobile app. […]

Good health begins in your gut (stomach)

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In India there’s a popular saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. However, not many take good care of their stomach (also known as your gut). However, doctors say that good health begins in your gut, as is mentioned in this report as well. “All disease begins in the gut.” -Hippocrates […]

National Ayurveda Panchakarma and Yoga Centre to be setup in Kathmandu, Nepal

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The Department of Ayurveda under the Ministry of Health (Nepal) will set up an international-level National Ayurveda Panchakarma and Yoga Centre at Budhanilakantha in Kathmandu district. Once the Yoga centre is operational, the department aims to establish many more such centres in Kathmandu, the Capital city of Nepal. Panchakarma, according to Ayurveda, is detoxification treatment […]

Did Kung Fu really originate from Kalaripayattu?


Kalaripayattu is a form of martial arts which originated in the southern state of Kerala in India. According to ancient folklore, Lord Vishnu’s disciple Parasurama is believed to be the founder of martial arts in India. About Kalaripayattu Watch: Kalaripayattu in action Practice of Kalaripayattu was banned in India under the British rule. Despite that, […]

Top 10 GMO Foods to Avoid (Video)

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Anthony Gucciardi and Dr. Group discuss the top GMO foods you should avoid. GMO stands for Genetically modified foods. Its done so that there can be a higher crop yield thus taking up less space. It also uses less pesticides. There is no deference between GMO and Non GMO in taste or color. Top 10 […]

Finland scientists create food out of thin air

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Scientists in Finland have successfully created food out of thin air — using electricity, CO2 and a few added microbes. Research may help produce food without massive land use. Its not yet ready for human consumption but could become an alternate source for animal fodder. Food from electricity is several times energy efficient than photosynthesis […]

Top health benefits of going to the spa

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Are you a working women and wish to de-stress? Has your wife been complaining about body ache and been planning to book a spa treatment since long? Probably its time to visit a spa at the earliest. Besides feeling fresh and rejuvenated, there are many more benefits of a spa treatment. And they are not […]

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