PepsiCo expands nutrition portfolio, launches Quaker Nutri Foods range

quaker nutri foods

Michelin-starred chef and PepsiCo nutrition ambassador Vikas Khanna has given popular Indian breakfasts a healthy twist with the new ready-to-cook Quaker Nutri Food range. Vikas launched a range of ready-to-cook breakfast mixes from Quaker, one of the world’s leading oats brand. The Quaker Nutri Foods range consists of Nutri idli, Nutri Dosa, Nutri Khichdi, and […]

Top Indian health and fitness startup GOQii is now a Harvard case study

Goqii life fitness band

India’s top No. 1 health and fitness startup GOQii is now a case study on the famed Harvard Business Publishing platform (subsidiary of Harvard University) that brings out books, magazines and leadership studies for MBA students. Flipkart (India’s largest online retailer) and Paytm (India’s biggest mobile payments firm) are already in that list. While you […]

Baby stroller buying guide

Double Jogging Strollers

Types of baby stroller: 1. Standard baby stroller: it also called regular baby stroller. They are designed for few months babies. Standard strollers seat can recline into a different position. 2. Jogging strollers: jogging strollers are for the runner. They are made with lightweight frame and air-filled tires. A jogging stroller gives a smooth ride. […]

Top Exercise Bike Benefits

exercise bike

An exercise bike is great for doing cardio exercises, and it also works quite well as a home exercise equipment. Here are the top benefits of using exercise bikes for workout: Affordable Exercise Equipment They are among the more affordable piece of exercise equipment available on the market. You get bikes starting from around $200 […]

Cambay Tiger launches ‘Fish Packages’ for fitness

fish packs

Popular seafood brand ‘Cambay Tiger’ now sells ‘Fitness Packs’, which are fish packages, that you could subscribe to meet your health and fitness goals such as weight loss, cholesterol management, muscle building, bone health, general fitness, eye care and beauty enhancement. A nutritionist-certified diet plan tells you the optimum amount of particular fish varieties that […]

Best Baby Gyms

baby gym

Baby Gyms not only provide some fun time your infants but also help them get some exercise. Babies are energetic as well as curious. Right from the moment they are born, they try to develop control over their muscles and try finding out about the world around them. And the best way to channelize their […]

Fitness Accessories: Buy Fitness & Gym Accessories Online in India

fitness accessories

Benefits of Fitness Accessories Fitness accessories/Workout accessories help you to be comfortable while exercising and improve the effectiveness of your workout. Today, fitness accessories are available for every physical activity – running, walking, pilates, yoga, cycling, swimming and more. No matter what the exercise form, workout accessories are readily available. Using the right gym and […]

Top health benefits of taking a vacation

health benefits vacation

Most Indians who are given paid vacation by their companies don’t take all of it. And the hectic work pressure is to be blamed for that. However, the workplace benefits of employees taking vacation time include: higher productivity, stronger workplace morale, greater employee retention, and significant health benefits. So what exactly are those health benefits? […]

Gatorade Sports Drink

Gatorade sports drink

What Happens When You Exercise? Your working muscles generate heat, increasing your body temperature. As a result, your body sweats to cool itself, as a result of which it loses necessary fluids Excessive loss of fluids can lead to heat illness, fatigue and cramps. Why Gatorade? Gatorade is scientifically formulated to help restore the fluids, […]

Best Weight Lifting Belts

weight lifting belt

Weight lifting belts are an optional piece of equipment (accessories) that you may require during your workout session. So do you really need to wear a belt while lifting weights? Well, there are several theories around it. while some lifters believe weight belts give you support, both physically and mentally, there are others who believe […]

Fitness Balance Ball Chair

Fitness Balance Ball Chair

Your work life is taking a toll on your back; this Fitness Balance Ball Chair can offer some respite. The Fitnes Ball Chair not only gives you a chair to sit on, it will also help you align your spine, improve your core, and lessen back pain. Now you can bounce your way to your […]

Quechua Forclaz 70 Backpack for travellers, adventurers, wildlife freaks

Quechua Forclaz 70 Backpack

Quechua Forclaz 70 Backpack is a light, sturdy, practical bag with several pockets that provide easy access. Quechua Forclaz 70 Backpack: Pros & Cons Pros: Back support. Sturdy. Several pockets Cons: Not completely water-proof (you can buy a rain cover separately) Uses: For backpackers, hiking, trekking, travelling Quechua Forclaz 70 Backpack: Highlights Comfortable to carry […]

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