Best multi-sport watches in India: For Runners, swimmers and fitness

Smart, multisport watches are all-in-one GPS-enabled device that provides detailed metrics and tracks distance, speed/pace, elevation and heart rate for various sports like swimming, running and cycling. These look smart, have sleek profile, and comes wit several features, including easy-to-read display. Here are some of the best multi-sport watches available in India. Garmin vívoactive HR […]

Mumbai fitness trainer Nikhil Bhagat shares experiences in personal training business

nikhil bhagat fitness trainer mumbai

Mumbai based Nikhil Bhagat is an experienced fitness trainer who has worked as a freelancer and now runs his gym Niktransformer. Here Nikhil talks about the various opportunities for fitness trainers, and also shares his workout regime (including the supplements he takes). Nikhil is a big fan of legend ARNOLD Schwarzenegger and says that working […]

Top 10 Gyms in Ghaziabad

personal training business

People of Ghaziabad, whether you are fit and fabulous or just plain old lazy, we have come up with a list that will make you jump in those trainers in no time! Read on and get inspired to workout. Fitness isn’t far off! 10. Motiv8 Fitness — Vaishali Formerly known as Blue Gym, Motiv8 Fitness is a […]

Harvard researcher points risks, supplement maker tried to silence him by suing for libel and slander

health supplements

A Harvard researcher had to face court case (for libel and slander) for pointing risks in the supplement. For quite some time now, experts have been concerned that dietary supplement makers were going overboard about the positives of their products, and playing down the associated risks. This dietary supplement had ominous names, like Black Widow […]

Bodybuilder Siddharth Singh from Ghaziabad shares workout routine & nutrition supplements tips

siddharth singh bodybuilder ghaziabad

Siddharth Singh is an aspiring bodybuilder and owner of the gym ‘Siddharth’s Gym’ in Ghaziabad (near Delhi). Siddharth has been working out for the past several years, has participated in several bodybuilding competitions, and is now preparing for ‘Mr. India’ competition. Siddharth Singh says the fitness industry in India has evolved a lot, and sees […]

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