Varsity-recognised yoga courses in India soon

Several states in India will soon start offering varsity-recognised yoga courses.

Sivananda International School of Yoga Charitable Trust, Kerala, will launch UGC-recognised yoga courses in different districts soon. The course will be inaugurated at the yoga centre at Kalarcode, Alappuzha, on December 3.

The courses will have recognition of S. Vyasa University, Bangalore, the director of the school said in a press release. Yoga Instructors Course (YIC), BSc Yoga, and MSc Yoga will be launched at the centre here. Plus Two will be the minimum qualification for those intending to pursue YIC and graduate course in yoga.

Degree-holders will be eligible for admission to postgraduate course. The centre will continue to provide a 10-month Yoga Siromani course. Various institutions in India and abroad face shortage of qualified yoga teachers. The new courses would provide a good opportunity to those who wanted to pursue a career in other countries, the school authorities said.


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