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The Truth About Six Pack Abs

Truth about Abs Review: Here’s a no-hype guide to killing your Abdominal Fat…

There are a lot of books on this topic and I have to admit that most of them are a total waste of money with no concrete tips and suggestions. So I avoid most of them but do keep my ears open to see if people are recommending any particular product.

And I have to say that after reading The Truth About Six Pack Abs I had to write this review. It is definitely one of the better resources on ab training that will give you results if you earnestly follow the suggestions.

About the Book

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is 106 pages of solid information on how to best train your abs. Not only does author Mike Geary recommend the proper exercises, but he discusses diet and offers meal suggestions as well. Most other books out there focus more on ab exercises and strength training.

But what drew me in was that the author kept emphasizing the same points I talk about on this site when it comes to the myths on flattening your stomach so I became intrigued.

Mike’s book is an ebook (electronic book) so you will receive it by e-mail as soon as you order.

About the Author

Mike Geary is a personal trainer, which makes him a very credible source on the subject. And because this is one of the bestselling fitness products, he’s also a very popular name online. Just Google it and you’d know.

I also liked the fact that he gives customers his email address and sends a helpful newsletter with great workout tips. He seems to genuinely want to help people and not just concerned about selling his book.

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The Truth About Six Pack Abs

Does it Have Lots of Abs Exercises?

You’ll definitely find pictures of the most effective abdominal exercises in existence (as well as which exercises to AVOID), but that in isolation won’t help. That’s what even the author makes you understand.

That is why the book focuses on full-body training programs as well as strategic exercise combinations, that will increase your metabolic rate and stimulate a fat-burning hormonal response in your body. It also covers fat-burning nutritional strategies and a comprehensive dietary plan that will help you to stay lean for life, and you really don’t have to give up on delicious food for that.

Is This for Men or Women?

Here’s another myth that floats around — men and women need to train or eat differently to stay lean. That’s NOT true!

The best exercises for increasing your metabolism and stimulating your fat-burning hormones works well, regardless of the gender.

The only differences being, females require fewer calories, and usually need lighter weights, compared to most men.

Other than that, the best fitness training and nutrition strategies apply equally to both genders.

Get a Complete Lifestyle Change with the “Truth About Abs” program

Can You Use it for Muscle Building?

Once you understand the concepts taught in this book, you can apply those for losing fat or for gaining muscles, albeit with some modifications.

However, this book primarily addresses the MAIN PROBLEM that 99% of people face, and that is to get rid of that stubborn stomach fat covering up your abs.

Can Teens Use It?

5. Am I too young? I’m only 16, and I really want to get in better shape and get a flatter more defined stomach. Am I too young to start on a program like this? This program is designed for people of most ages. However, if you’re younger (less than around 15), you should ignore the heavy weight training part. However, you can always start with the bodyweight-only exercises, and its actually a great way to get started into fitness and get in great shape.

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Mike Geary : Truth About Six Pack Abs

Do You Need Special Equipment?

You can do these exercises at home or you may also join a gym. But for best results, you need access to free weights (barbells and dumbbells), and some of the cable equipment available at gyms will give you a lot more options to work with.

If you want to work out at home, the course recommends that you do a mix of bodyweight exercises and invest in at least a set of adjustable dumbbells such as PowerBlock Dumbbells, and perhaps a stability ball for more variety options. The Power Block Dumbbells are one of the best investments, if you’re going to work out at home instead of being a member at a gym.

Product Rating

There’s no doubt that this is a great product with easy to follow instructions & exercises. And the cost would be as much as for a nice meal, for two, at an elegant restaurant.

Our rating for this item…9.5 /10

So, are there no Negative online reviews for this product? Of-course there are, but then most are related to ‘accessing the course’, and not about the content.

You need to remember that this is a downloadable product, whereas the concerns that were stated on the forums were the desire for an actual physical product (DVDs/Books) that can be used in their homes. Well, this alone should tell you that this product is one to try.

How to Access the e-Book?

Once you buy, you just need to download the book to your computer. The entire “Truth About Six Pack Abs” program is available in Adobe PDF format and is delivered to your computer immediately after ordering. All you need is the free Adobe Reader, which already comes installed on all newer computers.

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The main program takes about a minute to download. Once downloaded, you can move the pdf file to a directory of your choice, and you can then open it and read it (or even print it out.

Still not convinced?

The official website states that several hundreds of thousands of people spread across more than 160 countries have used the Truth About Abs program successfully over a span of 5 years. User feedback, as well as before and after pictures posted on the official website, can also help sway the notion that the Truth About Abs program is NOT a scam waiting to take your money. Should you manage to shake that apprehension, then The Truth About Abs may indeed work out well for you and your body.

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The Truth About Six Pack Abs

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