Top Marathons / Half Marathons in India

Top Marathons / Half Marathons in India: Marathon running culture is on the rise in India. Its easy to find dream runs, half and full marathons in cities, towns and even villages all over India.


Decoding Marathons in India

Marathons in India seem set for the long haul. Chennai-based software solutions provider for registration to events has released an analysis titled Decoding Marathons in India, that provides an interesting insight based on the growing numbers of distance runners in India.

  • Registration to a typical race in India costs about Rs.900 and provides Rs.1,200 as takeaways in merchandise and services to runners (in comparison, the San Francisco Marathon charges $180 per participant). Marathon organisers in India will need to spend more efforts to find sponsors to foot the subsidy.

    “While the road may be free, it takes effort and money to keep the road free of vehicles when you want to focus on running, which has a cost-benefit attached to it”.

  • The key hurdles to organising any race in India include sponsorship, and permissions and cooperation from local authorities such as the police and the municipal corporation.
  • Community awareness and safety are major concerns for women runners who find it unsafe to run pre-dawn, when most runs begin. Eve-teasing and just plain thuggery are the biggest challenges (not weather and the roads) to running.
  • Chennai is among the most popular ‘running cities’​ in India​, with increasing numbers of endurance runners, and the Wipro Chennai Marathon ​attracts participants as a marquee running event. Weekend events, as well as larger and better organised races, are increasing in the city over the ‘running season’ from June to February.
  • In American over 500,000 participants take part in various running events annually, whereas India has about 20,000 full marathoners​ (but its sure to go up). All that you to participate in long distance running is a pair of good running shoes. Endorsement of celebrities (Raghuram Rajan, Anil Ambani, Gul Panag​, Naveen Jindal​and Rahul Bose are distance runners), and the reach of social media is giving rise to a fitness revolution in India.

Top Marathons in India

Here we take a look at the top (full) marathons (distance of 42.195 KM), based on factors like management, volunteers, the route, to name a few.

These marathons should be on the to-run list of running enthusiast in India.

  1. Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM)

    Date: 15th Jan, 2017

    The biggest of all the Marathons in India (also among the largest marathon in Asia, if you consider the participation). It is the richest race in India with a prize pool of USD $377,000.

    SCMM has six different race categories: marathon, half marathon, Dream Run, Senior Citizens Race, Champions with Disability category.

  2. Airtel Hyderabad Marathon

    Date: Aug, 2017

    Airtel Hyderabad Marathon is a typical city marathon, with it’s urban route attracts participants from all over the globe. Organised by Hydrabad Runners, the run is aimed at elite runners, enthusiasts, amateurs and beginners (separate categories).

  3. Chennai Trail Marathon

    Date: Sept, 2017

    This marathon offers one of the most scenic routes in the country. The route goes through a lake, some forest area and canyons. Organised by Chennai Trekking Club, this marathon shifts from standard urban routes to trail, thus making it even more challenging.

  4. Bengaluru Marathon

    Date: Oct, 2017

    The best part about the run is the beautiful Bangalore weather. The route goes through the city and the run ((5K fun run, along with half and full marathon) is well managed by the organizers.

  5. Surat Night Marathon

    Date: Feb, 2017

    This unique night run attract marathon runners from around the world (including celebrities as Akshay Kumar is their brand ambassador), Have various categories of runs – Surti Lala Masti Run (5km fun run), Themed Costume Run (5 km), a 2km race for the senior citizens, 1km Spirit of Surat Run for the physically challenged.

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