Top Health & Wellness MLM Companies in India

Lot of people in are associated with the Health and Wellness business through MLM companies. MLM, known as Multi Level Marketing or network marketing, is a method of marketing products.

While its easy to start your own health/wellness related business in MLM. most of the companies are not trustworthy. Having said that, MLM is big business in India, so you have to find the right companies to get started.

Here are the top MLM companies in India who have a range of wellness and health products in their inventory.

  1. Herbalife

    Business and Services: Weight management, energy and fitness, nutrition products and also personal care products.
    Main Office: Bangalore, India
    Number of Years in Business: Company is operational for more than 30 years

  2. ModiCare

    Business and Services: Nutrition, health, skin care, personal care, home care, laundry care, food and beverage etc
    Main Office: New Delhi, India
    More than 15 years in MLM business.

  3. Amway

    Business and Services: Skin Care, Cosmetics, Health Care, Make-up, fragrance, body care, hair and accessories
    Main Office: Michigan, USA
    Number of Years in Business: More than 50 years.

  4. NuSkin

    Business and Services: Anti Aging, Nu Skin Care, Child nourishment, drugs and other medicine etc
    Main Office: USA
    Number of Years in Business: 28 years now.

Please let us know about more companies in the comments below.

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