Most expensive personal trainer in Dubai answers client’s question “how long it takes to see results?”

Amir Siddiqui from Symmetry Gym is considered to be the most expensive personal trainer in Dubai, and he reveals the answer to this most common question of clients “how long will it take to see results?”.

Amir says “this is perhaps the hardest question to answer despite the volume with which it is asked. Results do not happen at the rate your mind desires. They happen at the rate your body allows.”

Here is his take on how quickly and why your body will change once you’ve signed up to a personal trainer.

Want a time-frame for results? Look at your past
If you’ve been a yo-yo dieter for much of your life and done too much cardio, you probably have a sluggish metabolism that needs repair before you can see any fat loss. That might take the shape of zero changes on the scale while you feed and train appropriately for your body over a couple of months; it might even take the form of weight gain, a protocol that is not unheard of for women who have severely damaged metabolisms (much to their dismay).

If you’re a man who’s never played sports, never lifted weights, have a bit of a gut from overeating and are just hitting your 30s looking like you’re already 45, you can expect to shed the gut relatively quickly but turning you into your ideal physique will take significantly longer!

How long? Well, again, it depends. But we can pretty much guarantee that it’s longer than what you want it to be, if you want the change to be lasting.

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Promises of rapid results are not equal to promises of real results.
This means you can “crash” your diet and “beast” your training, drop fat quickly only to put it right back on with possible long-term negative consequences to your health. Crash diets and crash fitness courses are always followed by equal but opposite binges. You accumulate enough hunger and you binge. You accumulate enough trauma and you get hurt. There are always long term consequences to short term solutions.

These consequences are not only physiological, but psychological as well. People who consistently utilize extreme methods that yield quick but unmaintainable results begin to build-up agitation, frustration, and subsequent depression, knowing full-well that they will probably never have complete control over their habits, selves or bodies.

The process that Amir recommends and practises at Symmetry Gym?
Take the solid road of a carefully designed fat loss plan that combines real eating (yes, even carbs) and proper program design.

Learning to fall in love with the process is the goal because the sooner you get lost in the process and become consistent with it, the sooner you see those results. And the sooner you see the results the quicker you fall in love with the process that yields them. And that is the feedback loop you want to find yourself in.

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