Running sports shoes buying guide: How to buy the perfect footwear for your needs

Running Shoes Buying Guide: Here are the top things to consider when looking for the perfect pair of running shoes for your fitness needs. find a wide range of Sports Shoes & Footwear including running, cricket and soccer shoes.

People in India are becoming more and more fitness conscious, with many going to gyms for regular workouts or indulging in some sort of sports.

Why Use Running Shoes

In sports, its observed that shoes that offer better traction usually influences your athletic performance, especially in sports that involve sprinting or cutting, meaning abrupt rapid shifts in direction. Basically, shoes that offer more traction leads to better results, and usually they’re expensive as well.

Sports footwear has improved a lot in recent years as researchers, orthopedic practitioners, and athletic shoe companies advance the development of safe marketable athletic shoes. So if you’re seriously pursuing sports, it does make sense to invest in better-quality shoes.

Its also advisable that you choose something that is comfortable to wear, rather than choose something that is fashionable or stylish.

Whatever be your fitness regimen, you need to wear a good running shoe in order to:

  1. Feel comfortable
  2. Better Performance
  3. To avoid any chance of injury

Factors to Consider

But what should one look at while buying running shoes? Here are some useful tips for buying running shoes:

  1. Types of Running Shoes:
    1. Motion Control Running Shoes: Generally, runners with flat feet tend to over pronate (the foot rolls inward) and they typically need a motion control running sneakers to control the over pronation.
    2. Stability Running Shoes: Runners with low to medium arches have a wider range of stability running sneakers to choose from (this category is the most popular for the majority of the running population).
    3. Neutral Running Shoes: Runners with high arches typically need a running shoe with extra cushioning.
  2. First of all, you need to realize that different shoes are designed for different kids of sports, and are designed for specific purposes. So pick up running shoes and not just any other shoes. Basketball shoes will not be of much help while trail running.
  3. Avoid picking up the cheapest, even though they may look like good ones from the exterior. Some stores have running shoes that are price around Rs.400-500 but they are very slippery and offer no grip whatsoever. Substandard running shoes will be less durable and will increase the chances of a potential injury. So go for better quality running shoes; they are sturdy, can withstand wear and tear, and will enhance your performance.
  4. Buy shoes that will fit nicely. Ideally, there should be gap of around a thumb’s width, at the end of your longest toe when you wear the shoe. Avoid buying/wearing a shoe that is bigger than your size, as your heel could slip off.
  5. You get shoes with a breathable upper section; go in for those. These shoes help your feet perspire less, and thus reduces foot odour.
  6. You may either choose cushioned shoes for better comfort or minimal shoes for enhanced stability. If you have a high foot arch and take longer strides, the impact of the fall will be much greater and hence a pair of cushioned shoes will suit better. Those with lower arch can opt for stability shoes.
  7. Running shoes don’t have a shelf life. So you can use them until they start to fall apart or they lose their cushioning/comfort. It means you can buy last year’s model as well, if its available on sale. Running shoes don’t expire based on how old they are, they only need to be replaced after prolonged use.
  8. If possible, take your old running shoes along, as its wear pattern could help the store’s staff to suggest you the best shoes. The wear pattern of an old running shoe tells a lot about the way your feet fall and if you have an over-pronation (excessive inward roll of the foot after landing) or a supination (outward roll of the foot during normal motion) problem.

    Supination (opposite of pronation) refers to the outward roll of the foot during normal motion.
    Pronation refers to the inward roll of the foot while walking or running.

When to Buy a New Pair of Running Shoes?

Usually, the top part, or the body (exterior) of your running shoes may look in great shape even after prolonged use, the cushioning and the motion control may have already been lost.

So when should you get yourself a new pair? Here are a couple of suggestions:

  1. Check the soles of your shoes to check if they are worn out too much.
  2. Experts suggest changing the shoes after reaching around the 800 kilometers or 500 miles mark. (Its helpful to note down the date when you buy your running shoes).

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The fitness trend is fast catching up in India, and people now are more aware of the necessities to stay fit and for a perfect workout. These tips will help you buy the right running shoe in order to prevent any major chance of injury.

Buying Sports Shoes

The more common types of sports shoes available are:

  1. Athletic/Running/gym shoes
  2. Football shoes/studs/boot
  3. cricket spikes shoes
  4. badminton shoes (non marking ones)

Nike, Reebok and Adidas are the more dominant sports footwear manufacturers, though there are a couple of good Indian brands as well.

Checkout the sports scene in Mumbai & India.

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