Reebok Aims Big: Want to India’s Fitness Brand

Reebok Aims Big: Want to India's Fitness Brand

Reebok is restructuring its business model in India as it aims to establish itself as the nation’s premier fitness brand.

It means, in addition to having a chain of physical stores, the ‘Adidas-owned’ sports brand will also take to eCommerce in a big way, as its doing a fairly decent business through eCommerce right now (albeit through other online portals).

Reebok is working on differentiating itself from competitors such as Nike by focusing on a wide range of activities such as gym work, yoga, dance and aerobics.

To Launch ‘FitHub’ Stores

As part of its overall strategy for India, Reebok plans to launch various ‘FitHub’ stores across the country that will focus on categories like dance, aerobics, yoga, as opposed to having categories such as football, basketball and cricket that is usually seen in other stores.

Its because Reebok believes that this is how people in India engage in fitness activities. These ‘FitHub’ stores will also have the look and feel of a gym or studio, rather than a store.

Community Engagement

Reebok is also working towards community engagement by launching programs such as ‘Reebok Running Squad’ that encourages people to run on weekends. This has been quite successful in Delhi and is in the process of being rolled out nationwide.

Reebok definitely seems quite aggressive with their plans to establish itself as India’s fitness brand, offering fitness lovers their day-to-day fitness related requirements.

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