Reebok fitness training (certifications & courses) in India for aspiring instructors

Reebok fitness training (certifications & courses) in India.

The demand for qualified fitness instructors in India is growing at a healthy rate. Executives, housewives, youngsters, everybody (across ages and professions) is becoming health conscious in India, which has created several job opportunities for trainers.

Fitness trainers work in gyms, big hotels, health clubs, fitness centres, spas, tourist resorts, housing societies and large companies as well. After gaining some experience, you could also choose to run your own fitness centre. However, in order to gain proper knowledge of fitness, and to gain trust of your clients, certification from leading fitness brands does help.

Reebok is a trusted brand in the fitness industry and has been involved in the development of step aerobics, aerobics, strength and flexibility training for the last few decades. As the fitness industry has evolved, so has Reebok, which is no longer just a footwear company but also a leader in fitness training.

Reebok instructor certification programs & training courses in Delhi

In Delhi, Reebok India organises a course twice a year under the Reebok Instructor Alliance (RIA) programme. The two and a half-month 80-hour course culminates in an A-level Master Trainer Exam, which you must clear in order to be certified as trainer.

Reebok fitness instructor courses (& certifications) are also held in other cities in India like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad.

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