Reebok Certified Fitness Instructor Course in Mumbai

Gyms & Fitness Centers where Reebok Certified Fitness Instructor Course is conducted in Mumbai

What is Reebok Certified Fitness Instructor Course?

The Reebok Fitness Instructor Course is a combination of theory as well as practical sessions
Except for the Step Reebok, most other programs are not equipment based.

The exams consist of both written as well as practical exams, and needs to be cleared to become a Reebok Certified Fitness Instructor.

Where is it Conducted?

You may checkout these fitness training centres that conduct a wide range of courses for fitness trainers.

Most leading gyms & fitness centers in Mumbai conduct Reebok certified fitness trainer’s course. You may check with either key gym, located near Churchgate station, or with any of Talwalkar’s gyms in Mumbai.

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  1. aravind
  2. Ravindra
  3. Surekha more
  4. Rishali Jain
  5. Shubham shinde
  6. Patel dipali
  7. Kishori Patil
  8. Tejpal Singh Chauhan
  9. Kajal Rajpal
  10. jaffar
  11. Garima kadam
  12. Kushagr
  13. Hirael mohite
  14. vaishali Chauhan
  15. Mansi u