Personal Trainer vs Health Club Employee

Business vs Employment – What is Right For You?

Becoming a Personal Trainer Consultant or taking up employment at a Health Club are the most popular options that most in the fitness industry end up taking up.

If you are serious about taking up a career in the fitness industry, then sooner or later you will face this question and take a stand.

Here are more tips and suggestions to help you make that decision easier.

Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer or an independent fitness consultant is what excites many; it looks more exciting from a distance and there are indeed several advantages of becoming one. Most do end becoming one over the due course of time.

Advantages of being a personal trainer consultant

  • You Don’t have a Boss (though you are answerable to your Client)
  • You have control over many factors such as – choosing your clients, deciding the schedule, deciding how much to charge
  • You are free to focus and specialize in any particular niche if you find that interesting
  • You can earn a lot if you get established and there are several tax benefits as well of being self-employed
  • Challenges of Being Independent
    Here are some challenges that you are going to face if you decide to go on your own.

  • Takes time to establish; till then you may earn very little and the income stream is going to be uncertain
  • Even though you’re the boss you will actually end up working a lot of hours, and will have to make adjustments as per your clients schedule.
  • You have to pay for all the perks, such as health insurance, and you may have to give up on your vacation for a long time
  • Then there are other risks involved, such as legal action, if your client holds you accountable for any injury.
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    Fitness Club Employee

    This is similar to being an employee in an organization and has several benefits. The obvious ones are a stable income, minimal risks, and the several perks / benefits you get (health insurance, vacation, sick leave).

    The problem is that, depending on which part of the world you are located it, you may not be able to find a good fitness club in your city or it may involve lot of daily travelling.

    Besides, if the fitness club is not a big organization you may have limited chances of advancements. You may also not have a lot of say in most important matters.

    More importantly, at least in the fitness industry where you have so many independent consultants, you may not get job satisfaction working for a gym or club when you know that you have a very good chance of making it on your own.

    fitness clubs: Personal Trainer vs Health Club Employee

    Plan & Think Long Term

    As you can clearly see from the points that we listed above, there are several advantages of both the aspects and we would suggest that you experience both the options.

    It is better to learn the tricks of the trade, learn the legal aspects, develop your contacts, and become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses while on job.

    Once you are confident and have some savings, you can venture out on your own; this is a better way of minimizing the risks associated with starting your own business.

    Check-out these videos to see how it would be to work as an employee. Fitness is big business and some of the big names in the industry employ a big staff of highly qualified fitness professionals. Most of them do provide great benefits as part of their employee wellness programs.

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