PepsiCo India is going healthy, will focus on hydration drinks and Quaker oats

PepsiCo India to focus on hydration drinks and Quaker oats to appeal to health-conscious urban Indians.

People in India nowadays are looking for healthy nutritious food which can be prepared quickly, and Pepsi wants to address that need. The company will launch new products in India under its juice brand Tropicana and packaged food brand Quaker.

People all over the world, including India, are saying no to food items laden with calories and sugar, due to health concerns. Growing threat of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension have made many Indians shun high-calorie foods and drinks, forcing companies like PepsiCo, Nestle and Coca-Cola do come up with healthier products.

PepsiCo India today offers an expanded range of products under its oats brand Quaker.

Indra Nooyi wants to make PepsiCo a health-focused firm

PepsiCo’s Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi wants to make the carbonated drink and junkfood producing company a health-focussed firm.

Indra Nooyi and Vikas Khanna (PepsiCo’s nutrition ambassador chef) discussed their thoughts at a traditional south-Indian eatery in Chennai on how to achieve the goal.

Most of Indian cooking is based on wholegrains and vegetables, and even most desserts can be similarly churned out. Fruits are also increasingly finding their way into the equation. Nooyi and Khanna discussed how they could carry forth this wellness mix into PepsiCo products.

Nooyi explains, “As lifestyles continue to change, PepsiCo is on a mission to dial up the nutrition in our portfolio. Chef Vikas has provided great inspiration for the company here in India and has played a key role in developing new recipes that are convenient, affordable, delicious and healthy.”

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Chef Vikas Khanna highlighted the importance of how a perfect combination can be created with both health and taste present to make for irresistible dishes, something that Indian cuisine is so good at doing.

About the discussion, Nooyi said, “We had a great time sitting down at a local eatery and enjoying some of my favorite traditional dishes, while exchanging ideas on how we can adapt these time-honored recipes with a knowledge of nutrition informed by the latest science.”

However, the entire mission is not a restricted one, it seems PepsiCo is going to walk the talk and actually start marketing some of these products in India.

Chef Khanna said, “Indra’s commitment and passion to drive its nutrition credentials at PepsiCo is stellar! It was fun to add nutritious ingredients like Oats and beetroot into familiar South Indian dishes for a special breakfast. Am excited to know that some of these flavours will be hitting the Indian market soon through infusion of Quaker Oats and grains”.


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