These Parents Run Marathons Pushing Kids in Jogging Strollers

For many, running a marathon is a big challenge in itself, but there are parents who now run the marathon (shorter ones) with their little ones happily seated in jogging strollers.

Calum Neff ran the Katy Half Marathon
Calum Neff, a passionate runner and won the Katy Half Marathon in Katy, Texas, while pushing his 11-month-old daughter in a stroller. He finished the race in 1 hour, 11 minutes, 27 seconds.

Neff, competes in marathons and does mountain running as well. He trains mostly without a stroller, but takes his daughters out for stroller runs on weekends as he feels its important for kids to get outdoors and see green space and wildlife.

Said Calum, “She fussed a little around mile 11 but I knew I only had 10 minutes left so we just kept pushing through and I wanted to get it done faster for her,” he said, adding that he rubbed her head and gave her a glove to play with.

“It shows that anything is really possible and being a dad and working doesn’t mean you have to give up on other dreams and hobbies.”

Lindsy James ran the Derby’s Ramathon
Lindsy James completed a half-marathon while pushing a pram, which held her son Archie, and even smashed a world record when they completed Derby’s Ramathon.

No doubt, Mrs James was delighted by her achievement.

Watch: Runners set off on the 2016 Derby Ramathon fun run. You can see Lindsy James running with her baby in the stroller.

Lindsy James winning the race.

There’s another group of runners known as the Stroller Warriors (an army of fit dads and moms); they train regularly with their babies and toddlers in jogging strollers. Some of them will even be running the full 26.2 miles of the Big Sur International Marathon.

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“Living in Monterey, with the hills and breeze, I think all of us will be prepared for it. We’ve been attacking the hills a lot together and trying to mentally prepare. I’m really excited to get it and get it done,” Martinez said.

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