Top 8 amazing health benefits of eating Papaya Seeds

We all know that eating Papaya is good for health, but the fact is that everything related to this fruit is healthy, including Papaya Seeds (and leaves).

Papaya seeds is known to detoxify liver, kidneys and digestive system. When you need a fast and easy way to detoxify your body, papaya is one of the best options. Not only do people love the taste of a sweet papaya, but you can tremendously benefit from it’s healing seeds as well.

The health benefit of papaya is related to its strong anti-inflammatory properties that has been used for thousands of years as a powerful healing remedy. It has been widely used for treating cancer, heart disease, blood sugar levels, digestive issues, wounds.

Here are top reasons to detox With Papaya Seeds:

  1. Digestive Health
    Papaya is an excellent way to improve the function of your digestive system. The seeds contain a very potent array of anti-parasite and antibacterial properties which help to eliminate bad micro-organisms in your intestinal tract. Papaya has strong anti-pathogenic properties that can help eliminate food poisoning by killing the bacteria.

  2. Cancer Prevention
    The phenolic compounds and flavonoids found in the papaya seeds are natural antioxidants that have the ability to slow the growth of tumor cells. Phytonutrient isothiocyanate is something that has shown to prevent lung, breast, colon and prostate cancers.

  3. Detoxify Kidneys
    Detoxifying your kidneys with papaya seeds is great due to the benefits of their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Use papaya seeds to protect your kidneys from toxins that cause inflammation throughout your body.

  4. Detoxify Liver
    Ancient Chinese Medicine has been using papaya seeds for thousands of years to remove the harmful toxins from the body. By improving vital functions of the liver, papaya can be very useful for people with liver cirrhosis (fatty liver). Consume of 1 tablespoon of papaya seeds daily to help detoxify your liver.

  5. Lower Blood Pressure
    Recent studies have shown that the papaya fruit can provide monumental improvements with cardiovascular health. The wonder fruit contains Carpaine-a which you can find in the fruit, seeds and leaves which has proven to be an effective treatment for reducing diastolic, systolic, and mean arterial blood pressure.

  6. Combat Inflammation
    The powerful enzymes found in papaya are papain and chymopapain which provide anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for fighting inflammation issues in the body. Some conditions that benefit from papaya’s anti-inflammatory nature are crohns disease, arthritis, gout, joint pains and arthritis.

  7. Natural Contraceptive
    Indian culture has found a natural form of contraception with consuming papaya seeds. Avoid eating papaya seeds if you are trying to get pregnant as recent studies show that eating papaya seeds for extended periods caused a reduction in sperm count.

  8. Improve Libido
    If you are looking for a natural superfood that packs a punch in the bedroom then papaya is one of your best friends!

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