Here’s why you should consume Organic Food

Back when the millennials were children people never used to ask if food was organic. Now since the rise of Monsanto, GMO’s and Pesticides, our earth is left with looking for better quality food with less additives. Why should we look for anything else but organic food you may ask? Our simple answer is to buy organic food and products whenever possible!

We do understand that there are situations where people can not afford or find organic foods so we have compiled a simple guide for you to follow.

Buying Organic Fruits and Vegetables

The fruits and vegetables you buy every week often have organic alternatives at the store which are often much more expensive than the non-organic. The Environmental Working Group’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides identifies fruits and vegetables that have the highest and lowest pesticide residues. If you’re worried about pesticides in your food, consider buying these top 10 most contaminated fruits and vegetables in the organic version starting with number 1 on the list.

So which fruits and vegetables should you buy organic?

Top 10 Most Contaminated Fruits and Vegetables:


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