Traditional gyms on the decline, no-machine formats in demand

Although fitness awareness among Indians is on the rise, gyms are not seeing huge increase in memberships. In fact, many believe that the traditional gym relying on heavy equipment with no focus on technology will see a decline in memberships.

Most Fitness enthusiasts are pressed for time (to go to a gym); many who take gym memberships don’t renew it after a few months – due to lack of interest, and no one to motivate them (personal trainers at a gym can be expensive).

Most home fitness equipment don’t get used often after a few months, and lie in the corner gathering dust, and needing repair/servicing.

“The Tribe follows a similar fitness philosophy of group training by using various no-machine formats. Consumers don’t want to commit for long periods at gyms and the monotony of gyms make people drop out early. The fitness centres will focus on crossfit, boxing classes, indoor cycling, yoga and zumba, among other activities, instead of treadmills and other machines. Every session will involve a human trainer and communication and social activity will help address the monotony issues of gyms,” Nagori of Curefit.

Despite these challenges, there is no doubt that urban India is getting passionate about fitness.

So where is the fitness industry headed?

Many feel that “Trainer-led functional workouts, coupled with a high degree of data and tech integration, will be the future of the industry”.

Newer entrepreneurs in the fitness/wellness space are betting on:

  • Providing a more personalized offerings (using technology, data and research)
  • In a format that people can use anywhere, anytime (and that’s where the smartphone becomes such a useful gadget).

That is where fitness apps (that also work as a personal trainer/ dietician) seems to present a better opportunity to the end users.

You’re going to see more such apps hitting the market in the future.

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