India’s ‘Monkey King’ – Amazing display of rock climbing & acrobatics

Even though he’s called India’s ‘Monkey King’, seeing him climb walls, you could even call him India’s spider-man.

Jyoti Raj is a free solo climber who mixes rock climbing with acrobatics (doesn’t use ropes). He has climbed tough walls, prominent buildings and sites including the Chitradurga Fort in Karnataka. Jyoti Raju focuses on the art of free climbing and is able to scale vertical rock walls without the use of any climbing equipment.

What made Jyoti Raj take up rock climbing?
Its difficult to fathom, but Jyoti Raj decided to take up climbing after surviving a suicide attempt. Abandoned at a temple as a young child, Jyoti Raj was fed up of being constantly abused by the man who took him in.

So one day he climbed up a steep rock with the intention of jumping to his death. But as he reached the top, he realized that a crowd had gathered, unaware of his intentions, and was actually cheering for him as he climbed.

That’s when he decided to use his talent for climbing to make a name for himself.

Watch the amazing story of India’s Monkey man, and his amazing climbing skills

How did he learn climbing?
Jyoti learnt a lot by watching monkeys and imitating their movements. With dedication and hours of practice, he soon became one of the top climbers in the world. He learnt rock climbing, acrobatics without the help of ropes.

How did he earn the title of Monkey King?
Jyoti Raj earned himself the title ‘Monkey Man’ by climbing the tall stone structures and walls at the historically famous Chitradurga Fort in Karnataka.

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Jyoti Raj is now a local celebrity now, and draws crowds wherever he performs.