Longest Table Tennis (TT) Rallies: Ultimate Test of Fitness

Table Tennis Coaching Classes in Mumbai Most societies in Mumbai have TT tables, and if you spend your time in the evenings playing Table Tennis with your friends, chances are that your fitness levels have not been tested at all. If you thought TT (ping pong) was the simplest of sports, you need to checkout these videos and see the amount of stamina these guys (and girls) have.

Some of the rallies just seem to go on and on forever. Enjoy these videos (and don’t forget to watch the last one in this series).

Check out this incredible rally at 2014 ITTF Swedish Open, one of the longest table tennis rallies of all time

Amazing 41-shot ping-pong rally

Another long-long TT rally

If you though Table Tennis was not really a Sport, watch this video right now. TT players need to have lots of stamina and are much more athletic than most other sports players.

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