Kaizzad Capadia: Pioneer of Personal Training in India

Kaizzad Capadia, a former body builder, one of the most respected professional in the field of fitness – sought after by fitness professionals and enthusiasts across India and abroad.

He is the Co-founder and Director of the K11 Fitness Academy, a leading training centre for Fitness Sciences, executive director of Neulife.

Its uncommon to see Gujarati’s and Parsi’s in body building but this Parsee boy was born with a unique passion for body building. In 1989, Kaizzad Capadia won his first bodybuilding show at the age of 17. He then went on to enter many others and won the Junior Mr. Mumbai at the age of 18 & stood second at the Jr.India, the same year. Kaizzad is a nationally ranked competitive bodybuilder having won the 2005 Mr. Mumbai, having bagged 1st place in his category in the 2006 & 2008 Mr. Maharashtra.

Kaizzad is called the pioneer of the personal training, and that is because from 1991-1999, through word of mouth, he trained family members of almost all the top industrial families, including members from the Birla, Singhania, Garware and Khatau families (his first client was the Bajaj industrial family).

From 1990 onwards, Kaizzad became the busiest & most sought after Personal Trainer in India. In 2002, Kaizzad Capadia started the K11 Fitness Academy and is today considered to be among the top Fitness Academies in India.

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