Jump Rope (Skipping Rope) Exercises for Fitness

Jump Rope Exercise Program: Jump rope is one of the best exercises for burning calories
and getting in shape. Start a jump rope workout program now.

Want to do some cardio exercises…but do not have time to go to the gym or to get some expensive equipment at home?

Try jump rope exercise!

Believe me, its not just for kids. Although the first picture that comes to the mind when you talk about jump rope is kids playing with it. But then its an absolutely fantastic way to exercise.

Why Exercise With Jump Ropes?

Jumping rope not only improves your cardiovascular system, it also improves total body muscle tone. Research has shown that jumping rope for 10 minutes is same as 30 minutes of running. In that short period, you improve your cardiovascular endurance, leg stamina, develop shapely calves, and tone your shoulders and arms. You may use rope jumping as a warm up exercise or as your main workout.

Here are some more reasons why you must use a Jump Rope:

  • Burns lots of calories. Experts say that jumping rope can burn up to 1000 calories per hour. However, most do it just for 10 minutes or so (the fact is that most cannot do it even for a minute).
  • Its easy to use. Over time you will learn to coordinate the whole jump, rotate rope, repeat thing. Suggestion: Avoid jumping too high or you’ll exhaust yourself soon.
  • Tones most of your body, Improves balance and agility and you just need a rope, no special equipment is required
  • Its portable & affordable, you can easily take your cardio exercise along while traveling (a challenging time to exercise & stay fit)

Though you get cheaper ones, over time, its better to use a ‘professional’ jump rope meant for exercising, that you can buy a sporting goods store. They are sturdy and durable. These ones are slightly weighted jump ropes that helps you get a more intense workout.

Here you will find jump rope lessons that will help you to Jump Rope like a Pro. Though learning how to jump rope takes time and patience, it is a skill that you can learn quickly.

Also, ensure the rope is long enough so that you do not trip because it is short.

jump rope exercise

Buying a Jumping Rope

Here are some suggestions on what you should look for in a jump rope.

No matter what type of rope you purchase, its better if you can choose one that lets you adjust its length. The ideal length of a rope is measured by grabbing both handles together at shoulder height, and the bottom of the rope just touches the floor. Too long and the rope will drag along the floor slowing down its speed. Too short and you risk tripping over it.

There are a variety of jump ropes to choose from.

  1. Beginners and those that will be jumping rope on a carpet, should get nylon ropes; these are light and slow enough for you to develop rhythm. The nylon also won’t damage a carpet (whereas rubber or leather rope could). Also, nylon ropes are cheaper.
  2. Advanced jumpers who seek to improve their rhythm, footwork, coordination, and speed would benefit from a speed rope made of leather with ball-bearings, or a light rubber rope. These are also known as speed ropes. Avoid ropes that have weight handles as they will reduce the speed at which the rope turns.
  3. Want to develop shoulder and arm strength, as well as endurance? Get a rope with weighted handles. There are many types of weighted ropes; get one that allows you to adjust the weight.

Jump ropes with ball bearings are a bit more expensive, but they flow smoothly and last longer. But if you are on a budget, any plastic one will also do.

Its also important to choose a comfortable surface on which you can jump. The ideal surface is one that reduces the amount of shock that travels through the knees and hips as you land.

How to Jump Rope – Training & Technique

The correct technique when jumping rope is to jump off the ground only a few inches. Yes that’s it; only a few inches and not jump too high. Make sure you are always on your toe and your heels never touch the ground.

For your initial jump rope lessons, try to jump with both feet together without using the jump rope. This way you can practice keeping your jumps low without having to worry about hitting the rope.

To hold the jump rope correctly, keep your hands about waste height and slightly off your body. When you jump rope, your movements should be only in your wrists, and not your shoulders or elbows.

Tips on jump ropes:

  • To get the correct length of jump rope to suit your height. – Stand on the middle of the rope, holding an end in each hand. Both ends should roughly reach your armpits.
  • Cotton and specially weighted ropes swing more slowly, and leather ropes wear out more quickly. So i find that the simple plastic ropes are the best.
  • Jump rope on wooden floors, rubber floors, or mats. These surfaces are a bit more forgiving on the ankles and feet.

Jump Rope Exercise – Jump Rope Lessons for You

Here are some Jump Rope Exercises that you can try out!

Basic Jump
Both feet are slightly apart and jump at the same time.

Alternating Foot Jump
This style of jumping consists of alternating feet while you jump rope. Think of it as jogging while jumping rope.

Skip Step
This technique requires you to be able to do the Alternating Foot Jump. You will hop twice on one foot while lifting the other foot back, and then kicking it front. Then you switch to the other leg and do the same thing.

More Advanced Moves
Once you have mastered the basic jump rope lessons, try some of these more advanced moves.

High Jump – Jump as high as you can while jumping rope.

Criss-Cross – Try criss-crossing your arms back and forth in front of your body while you jump rope.

Double Time – Try having the rope go around two times per jump. You will have to jump a little higher for this. Some people can even do 5 reps per jump!

Leg Under X – Cross your left hand under your right leg and your right hand under your left leg to make an X. Try jumping rope. Tough!!

You can further make your workout routine interesting by mixing jump rope lessons with other exercises – Want to mix it with plyometrics?

jump rope exercise kids


Jump Rope Exercise is a cardio exercise which you can do in the comfort of your own home! Jump rope is one of the best exercises for burning calories and getting in shape. Start a jump rope workout program now!

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