Italian Cuisine: Beginners Guide

Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking, MarcellaWhen someone mentions the Italian cuisine, immediately all we think is about their delicious pizzas and pastas.

Yes, Italian pizza is well known all over the world, but Italian cuisine is not just all about pizzas.

History of Italian Food

The main reason for the popularity of Italian food is their taste, and is delicious. The secret lies in the quality and the freshness of the ingredients that they use in making this marvelous food.

Lets look little bit in the history of Italian kitchen.

  • The Italians believe that their nourishing and tasty food was borrowed from the Greeks.
  • The regular meals consists food prepared with chickpeas, dry figs, lupines, salted and dry fish, pork, pickled olives.
  • On special occasions such as weddings or festivals different delicacies were prepared.
  • A few dishes from the Italian cuisine belongs also to Magna Graecia and this include honey sauces, sweet meats made from almonds and walnuts, soups and meats made in vinegar.
  • Italian Cuisine

    Its interesting that sumptuous feasts were associated with ancient Roman nobles.


    In many countries is common to eat a good salad as the main course, but not in Italy, they eat the salad as a side plate for the second dish.

    You can find tourist restaurants in main cities that propose rich salads for the tourists, but don’t expect an Italian to ask for one, because they’ll never do it.

    Traditional Italian Meal

    A traditional Italian meal will consist of the following courses:

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    Anti Pasto: this consists of hot and cold appetizers.
    Primo: this has dishes like pasta, risotto or even soup. This is the first course.
    Secondo: this consist the main dish of fish or meat.
    Contorno: this is the side dish of salad or vegetables. A traditional Italian menu will feature salad after the main course.
    Dolce: this is the desert course.
    Caffee: here you will be served a cup of espresso.
    Liqueurs: this course is also referred to as the Coffee Killer where you will be served grappa or amaro.

    To Conclude

    There are several books and courses out there that teach you how to cook tasty Italian food, and also offer great tips on cooking, serving and decorating the food. So have fun and learn some great and delicious Italian Cuisine recipes.