International Fitness Trainer Kris Gethin & John Abraham to Open Gyms Across India

International Fitness Trainer Kris Gethin & John Abraham to ties hands in their next business venture, to open Gyms throughout India.

Kris was in the news sometime back because Gold’s Gym in Bandra had banned him from training at their premise, fearing that he might walk away with their hi-profile clients.

Well, that just explains how popular he is and how much people respect his health & fitness knowledge.

In fact, he had been getting a large number of requests from fitness experts and business owners in India, who were keen to launch a gym facility while licensing his name. That is when ‘Kris’ decided to start his own gyms across India.

He clearly sees a lack of education and accountability among fitness trainers and gym owners in India, and feels that he can really add value in those areas.

Because of the scale of the business, kris has joined hands with John Abraham. who himself is a fitness freak and already owns several fitness related business. Together, they plan to open gyms under the name ‘JA Physique Elite’.

Kris Gethin who has trained stars like Hrithik Roshan, John Abraham and Mahesh Babu, will act as the lead trainer offering specific educational classes for those wanting to become head transformation specialists within these facilities.

Celebrity Physical Fitness Trainer “Kris Gethin” Banned by Top Mumbai Gym

It happens only in India! If you have some power, you can make your own rules. Celebrity Welsh trainer “Kris Gethin” got a taste of that recently, as Gold’s Gym, Bandra banned him from training at their gym.

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And what was the reason for that decision?

It seems the management are worried that he might walk away with their hi-profile clients.

Though the reason may sound absurd, but apparently its true.

Kris Gethin is a celebrity fitness instructor responsible for shaping up the physique of Hrithik Roshan and John Abraham. He had flown all the way from LA to help Hrithik bulk up his body for ‘Krrish 3’.

The Welsh trainer was asked not to enter the premises of Gold’s gym in Bandra.

According to the management of Gold’s gym, their policy prohibits external trainers from training at their gym, and that is the reason for that decision.

Kris, on the other hand, feels that even physical fitness trainers have the right to train at gyms, just as the way other people do.

Checkout this video where Kris Gethin shares details about the exercise and diet followed by Hrithik in order to achieve a hot body.