International Fitness Certifications & Fitness Trainer Courses Mumbai, India

International fitness certifications & courses which are available in Mumbai / India, for personal training and / or group fitness.

These certifications are designed to test your knowledge of fitness, the various muscles, how things should be done safely, and also how to conduct the exercises (group) effectively.

You can usually choose from a Personal Trainer Certification or a Group Fitness Certification; they also offer more courses but these are the more popular ones.

For many, it also means an opportunity to get employed by the top gyms and fitness clubs in Mumbai.

Here are some of the Institutions in India that provide fitness training and certifications. Most of them have their own courses, but some of them do conduct International courses in Fitness and Personal training.

Here are some more.

American Council on Exercise – ACE
Provided by American Council on Exercise (ACE), if you have this certification, it means you have the knowledge and skills required to teach a class of fitness enthusiasts. Besides, teaching effective communication skills, teaching techniques and motivational skills, these certifications also help instructors to develop and implement group exercise programs which are safe and effective.

Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)
Available in most countries, the association has been in business since 1983. AFAA also provides certification through distance learning mode, in addition to doing it from a fitness training center closer to you.

American College of Sports Medicine – ACSM

Progressive Fitness (PF)

SCW Fitness Education

DSWFitness (Desert Southwest Fitness)

Reebok Fitness

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