Indian Men Concerned About Beer Bellies & Receding Hairline

What’s common between Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis apart from the fact that both are Hollywood personalities and have acted in Hangover series? They sport the kind of features which a recent study claims make men stressed — Bradley has stopped hiding his receding hairline and Zach can’t hide his beer belly or ‘moobs’.

Maybe, Bradley is used to his new look and Zach is not bothered at all. But men, generally, these days are concerned a lot about their body insecurities as much as women, according to the study, done by One Poll in Massachusetts.

An IT employee admits that “Pressure comes when my parents talk about my marriage. But I am planning to try out hair replant. The good thing is there are options available to cure balding and why not try it as long as it’s safe?” He also says he is more concerned about how he looks and has enrolled with a gym to improve the rest of the body.

Fitness trainer’s agree that there is pressure on men these days to look good, although they agree that its not necessarily a bad trend. When a person sees everybody around him or her looking good, they will obviously feel the pressure. They will also like to groom themselves better at a salon and want to be known as fashion conscious. This mentality was earlier limited to women and men in the fashion and film industry and now, it has extended to corporate sector. And there’s no harm in it. The reaction shouldn’t be ‘why are men doing it?’ but be ‘thank god, they are doing it at last’.

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Opportunities have opened up for youngsters in the fields of modelling and media and they demand men to look groomed. Most men don’t prefer doing manicure and pedicure at salon, but they don’t find it wrong when others do it. Who will object to seeing groomed, fitter men on the roads?.

The general understanding is that men who give proper attention to themselves are more reliable. While inner quality matters more, it’s equally important to look good as well. We are not born with a beard and paunch is something you develop because of your unhealthy habits.

However, most men are not okay with going after trends and doing something unnatural. Everybody is blessed with a set of features and you should accept them. As long as someone is trying to make the features better in a natural way, it’s fine. Doing steroids for muscular look and surgeries to look good are definitely not OK.