How To Train For Swimming

How To Train For Competitive Swimming

How to train for swimming: Increase your strength, speed and stamina with these techniques. Workouts and training programs for competitive swimming!

We all know that swimming is a great exercise for your complete body. It is a cardio-vascular exercise and is the perfect exercise if you have weak joints or arthritis.

It is a great exercise even for those who are pregnant.

So have you been swimming for some time now?
Aiming for something big? I mean do you want to try out the Triathalon?

If the swimming part of the Triathalon worries you, here is how to train for swimming.

How to Train for Swimming – Swimming Technique

Training for long distance swimming is not just jumping in the pool and start moving your arms and legs. You need to train yourself in the right manner.

Here are some suggestions on how to train for swimming.

Start Slow

Swimming is an exhausting sport so do not overexert yourself on the first go!

Try doing short 25 meter stretches at first. Then move up to 50 meters. Just start slow and listen to your body.

Strength Train the Proper Muscles

Take up some strength training that incorporates pull-ups and dips and keep on increasing the intensity of these exercises.

You need to workout your legs as well since they play an important role while swimming.

Make Your Strokes Smoother!

Try to improve each part of your stroke; make it smoother. Concentrate on your breathing-in and breathing-out.

Keep on Practicing

You will get better the more you practice. It is better to do more of shorter sessions in a week than do one or two longer sessions.

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If you are training for a competition, such as a triathalon, push yourself harder as you get closer to the event.

Keep Changing Your Routine

Keep changing your swimming routine for better results. Your body gets used to the same routine after some time and hits a plateau.

To Conclude

Swimming is one of the best cardio exercises and has minimum impact on the joints of your body. If you are preparing for a swimming competition, it is better to plan your training and start preparing as early as possible. I hope this article gives you enough information on how to train for swimming.

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