How to increase height, tips to grow taller

How to increase height, practical tips on how to grow taller.

We all have been taught that how tall we grow in life is not in our hands. While that is true, a lot also depends on things like exercise and nutrition (which Indian especially have been ignoring for a very long time).

With sports becoming popular in India, and with several articles out there that say taller people tend to earn more than shorter people, more and more Indians are keen to know about ways to add inches to their body.

So while we are not suggesting any supplements to increase your height, its important to know how growth happens in human beings.

  • A humans growth starts in the womb, and after birth the growth rate reduces.
  • The speed at which growth happens increases again during adolescence…during your teens
  • Growth happens in women till the age of 20. In the case of men, it happens till 21

Although your height depends on genetics (height of mother, father and ancestors), a lot also depends on your diet.

Teenagers need to have 52 gm of protein every day, for better growth

Here are some more things that you can do to increase your height.

  • While sleeping …growth hormones work best. So get adequate rest
  • Have 1 glass milk with 2 spoons of Ashwagandha every day
  • Have more of milk, butter, egg and leafy vegetables
  • Massage your toe, it stretches your overall muscles
  • Stretch upwards while standing whenever you can
  • Do physical exercises like Yoga, cycle, swimming, it helps you grow naturally
  • Teenagers should do skipping every day, even helps in weight control.

So if you’re disappointed that you didn’t know about these things earlier? Well, you can always tell your kids. Isn’t it?

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