How runners can avoid knee pain (video)

Planning to run the marathon? Make sure you don’t injure your knee. A running coach explains the two most important activities runners should do to avoid knee pain.

To avoid knee problems, experts say that its important to mix cross-training and strength training with your running schedule.

A painful knee is usually because of the tracking of the knee (a tight ITB) and weak inside muscles (knee stabilizing muscle).

So you should basically try to strengthen the inside of the knee…the knee stabilizing muscles. Also, you need to stretch well, through the hips, butt, hamstring.

Do exercises like Stairmaster,elliptical, biking. If you’ve a desk job where you do long sitting hours, and you’re getting back on the bike, its going to be tough initially for your hips.

All these will help to keep the knee and the knee joint in place.

Its recommended you run 3-4 days a week, and on the other days do cross-training andstrength training.

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  1. I used to have severe knee pain until I cut meat and dairy out of my diet. Now I run pain-free. Stretching is obviously important, but I think diet is too!

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