Total how many gyms are there in India?

We have received several queries from users asking how many gyms are there in India.

Well, the fact is that currently its very difficult to provide a number.

Its easy to get the number of branches of the top fitness chains in India, but its very difficult to get an estimate of the number of smaller gyms throughout India.

Even with the top fitness brands, they have aggressive expansion plans for the coming years, and will open several franchises in the coming years.

Besides, there are quite a few gyms (especially the smaller ones), which shut down as they’re unable to sustain themselves in the long run.

Also, several gyms are choosing to provide specialized fitness training within the Gym category (Spinning, TRX, Rowing, Yoga, Aerobics), in order to reduce competition.

So while its difficult to say how many gyms are there in India, going by the industry reports, new gyms/slimming & wellness centres are coming up in big numbers throughout India, which in turn is creating healthy demand for qualified fitness professionals.

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