Top high protein-rich foods/diet that build muscles, helps lose weight: Indians need it even more

Its been observed that the typical Indian diet/meal is woefully low on protein content. Protein not only helps build muscles, but is also known to aid in weight loss.

Protein for Weight Loss

Are you on a weight-loss program, eat adequate protein for achieving success.

It has been observed that people shed pounds with ease once they increase the amount of protein in their diet.

High-protein foods usually take more work to “digest, metabolize, and use. It means you burn more calories processing them. Also, you won’t feel hungry soon (which happens when you eat fatty foods and refined carbs).

So if you’re serious about weight loss, consume more protein.

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Lot of people say that eat only “Egg whites”, but you can have the WHOLE egg. The egg-yolk is FULL of nutrients, heart healthy fats AND protein, and even though its high in cholesterol you can have up-to 1 egg-yolk per day.

How to Increase Protein Intake

If you get tired easily, are low on physical strength, or are concerned about your weight, then its time to take the hint. It could be protein deficiency, and its common seen among people in India. So make sure you include adequate protein in your diet.

Proteins through traditional meals

Protein Supplements / Health Drinks

Protein Consumption of Most Indians Woefully Low

India is known to be a protein-deficient country, it consumes more of starch and fat and less of proteins. But this may come as a surprise to you, and most women may find this difficult to believe.

The typical Indian meal, whether served in a home in Mumbai or Delhi, is woefully deficient on proteins! Yes, that’s what a recent survey conducted by IMRB (Indian Market Research Bureau) reveals.

“A quick check on the sample population showed the protein intake of 88% people was less than the ideal amount of consumption, indicating there is a huge gap in the protein requirements and protein consumption for each individual,” said the survey. However, it added that the city had the lowest protein gap of 68% in contrast to Delhi’s high gap of 99%.

Here’s what nutritionists and dietitians have to say on protein intake.

  • Lack of proteins results in weakness and fatigue.
  • Protein deficiency is the reason that we Indians have poor muscle mass.
  • Proteins, considered the body’s building block and repair agent, should be consumed at about 1 gram per kg of the person’s body weight.
  • Increasing our dietary protein intake can control lifestyle diseases — central adposity or belly fat, diabetes and high triglyceride levels — prevalent in urban India.
  • Vegetarians need to increase their intake of protein-rich foods. Even vegetarian foods have proteins, but they are not easily digested by the human body as the protein in eggs are.

So the next time you take a spoonful from you plate, see if it has protein. If you cannot locate the protein, don’t eat that food. For instance, take two almonds along with a fruit dramatically increases your protein intake, or have may have idli’s with sambhar instead of chutney to increase your protein consumption.

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