Heinz India introduces multigrain health drinks using healthy ingredients like ragi & soya

Post the merger of Kraft and Heinz into Kraft Heinz Company, Heinz Indian is now coming up with new health foods (taking a cue from the likes of Patanjali).

Heinz Power Sprouts is a multigrain health drink (with ‘power sprouts’) created specifically for India. It uses natural healthy ingredients such as ragi and soya.

Heinz Power Sprouts will supplement Complan in the malt food segment. Some time back Heinz had acquired Glaxo’s Complan. Currently, more than 50 per cent of the company’s sales turnover is contributed by its largest selling milk solids brand, Complan.

The huge success of Patanjali is also making MNCs, such as Heinz, include local ingredients like ragi and sprouts in its malt drinks.

Watch: Heinz Power Sprouts

Heinz India: Health Foods

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