Include Healthy Carbohydrates for Better Health

Healthy Carbohydrates for good health: Learn how to include good carbs
in your diet for managing weight, sugar, & cholesterol.

Importance of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates form a major part of our diet. Be it rice, bread, or potatoes, everybody consumes it on a daily basis.

Our bodies convert carbohydrates into sugar (glucose) for our body to use. They are in fact the number one source of energy for our body.

Carbohydrates & Diseases

But at the same time carbohydrates have also been linked to problems like weight gain, high blood sugar, cholesterol and other diseases.

So should you be avoiding carbohydrates altogether?

Not really!

Choosing Healthy Carbohydrates

You still have the option to choose Healthy Carbohydrates in Your Diet!

It has been proven that good-carbs help in managing weight, sugar levels, cholesterol, and also in reducing risk of certain diseases.

So read on for suggestions on how to choose healthy carbohydrates for your diet!

Whole Grain Flour
Choose carbohydrates that are made from whole grain flour. Try to buy whole grain breads, rice, and pasta. Whole grains are higher in fiber which can help you feel fuller longer. Fiber also decreases the carbohydrate load on your body.

Limit Intake of Potatoes
Substitute healthier carb vegetables like cauliflower, turnips, or celery root for carb heavy potatoes. You can even boil and mash them as mash potato substitutes.

I am not encouraging that you completely ignore the potato. They are very healthy in moderation, i.e. a small potato with a little butter compared to a fully loaded large backed potato.

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Eat Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Try to eat 3-5 servings of fresh fruit every day for a good supply of many vitamins essential for healthy living. Fruit is also a great source of dietary fiber.

Try raw vegetables. Fresh, raw vegetables pack more vitamins than their cooked counterparts. They are also high in fiber and help you feel fuller after your meal.

Add Beans To Your Diet

Not only are beans a great source of fiber, but they are also a good source of protein. This makes beans a very well balanced food that’s good in soups, on salads, or on the side. Just make sure their not of the baked bean variety.

Final Thoughts

Carbohydrates are the number one source of energy for our body, but they have also been linked to certain diseases. It is not recommended that you cut-off carbs totally from your diet, but then you have the option of choosing healthy carbohydrates. Make good carbs a part of your diet for good health!