Switch to Green Tea in order to lose weight

We Indian like to have tea, but most of us have it with milk and sugar. There are some who have tea without sugar, for its health benefits.

But if you want to really benefit from drinking tea, go in for green tea. Drinking green tea also helps you to lose weight.

So the next time its cold outside, and you feel like having a hot drink, have a cup of green tea (instead of hot chocolate or coffee). Packed with all powerful antioxidants, green tea can gear up your motor, and also help you burn more fat.

People (especially in China) have been drinking green tea for the past thousands of years, for its health benefits.

Green tea is a great source of Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which increases the metabolic rate and helps burn more calories.

How much Green Tea should you drink?

The amount of EGCG you get from green tea varies from 45-180 mg per bag. In order to get the EGCG you require, drink several cups of green tea each day. Green tea is also found as an extract that contains about 50 percent EGCG; the extract has a higher concentration of EGCG in comparison to that found in tea. You can opt for either.

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