Football Equipment & Gear

For long, people in India have known that the game of football is considered a religion all over the world. And now the ‘Beautiful Game’ is making its presence felt even in India.

With the 5-a-side Premier Futsal football championship underway, you can expect the game to become even more popular in India (which was long overdue anyways).

And unlike cricket, you do not need lot of equipment to play football. You just need a football, good pair of football shoes (also known as studs), and you’re good to play the game.

Football Equipment & Gear

As mentioned you need a football, and a pair of studs (the shoes are slightly different if you play indoor football). You also get football accessories such as backpacks.

The cheaper footballs (for kids) are available for a few hundred rupees, but good-quality branded footballs are slightly expensive.

The better balls use better quality material, have better stitching, and provides a better & consistent flight when kicked or thrown.

You do get footballs that are suited for various surfaces – grass-ground footballs, hard ground footballs, beach footballs, Astro-turf footballs and leisure footballs.

If you have bought a football for kids, please instruct your kids to not inflate it to the fullest for a couple of reasons:

  • The football becomes too hard
  • It could burst (especially the cheaper ones, you can get it stitched though)

Footballs are available in various colours.

Football Shoes
You need good quality football shoes to get a good grip on the surface, so that you can perform all the football related moves/skills with ease. These are designed to hone your skills.

Read more here about Football Shoes/studs.

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