Folk Fitness mixes Indian folk dance with fitness for a unique experience

Co-founded by Aarti Pandey, Folk Fitness’s USP is its choreographed workout routines that are inspired by over hundred folk dance forms from across India.

Aarti Pandey, along with co-founders, Manoj Upreti and Ashwin Pandey founded Folk Fitness in 2015, which took inspiration from India’s rich cultural heritage and their passion for fitness. Folk Fitness is now spread in several tier I and tier II cities in India. Folk Fitness brings together Indian folk music, folk dance and fitness; its is a celebration of the diverse Indian culture and tradition, says Aarti Pandey.

Some of the folk styles incorporated in this routine include:

Koli (folk dance style from Maharashtra): This from results in the strengthening of the upper body, as well as the lower body.

Garba (one of the most popular folk dances from Gujarat): This style involves plenty of bending that help in the strengthening of the lower back. It is also very useful for the core muscles. Swinging of the arms helps the shoulders. A lot of clap movements involve wrist and forearm movements, thereby strengthening the hands.

Bihu (dance form from Assam): This form does wonders to your body as squeezing of the abdomen helps in the strengthening of the core and simultaneously works on the hamstrings.

Bhangra (popular folk dance from Punjab): We all love this dance form which is exciting and full of vigour. This dance form works great on the shoulders, hamstrings, and the quadriceps, too. Dancers of bhangra carry each other on their shoulders; which can serve as a weight training exercise to an extent.

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Folk Fitness offers programs like:

Folk Fitness Nanhe – for the kids;
Folk Fitness Yuva – for adults; and
Folk Fitness Pranam – for the elderly.

Mind of Folk Fitness – Aarti Pandey

Though Folk Fitness is her baby, Aarti started her journey with Bharatnatyam, to gain knowledge of one of India’s most prominent classical dance form. Besides Bharatnatyam, Aarti has undertaken training on various other Indian folk dances and has also participated in several national level and international dance competitions. Later, Aarti also trained in several Latin American dance.

Aarti has an MBA degree in Sales and Marketing from Welingkar Institute of Management, and worked for around 6 years in the corporate world before deciding to pursue her dreams. Aarti, a mother of two children, had to fight depression after her first pregnancy, and believes that support from family is a must for women to succeed in their endeavours.

Website: myfolkfitness

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