Fitness Technology trends that will redefine future of healthcare in India

Urban India is increasingly becoming health-conscious and using technology to improve the quality of life, experts say the fitness technology market in India is expected to grow at a rapid pace going ahead.

  • The growth in the Indian fitness technology market will be supplemented by growing smartphone penetration in India which will increase access and usage of fitness applications and technology.
  • Healthcare is moving from ‘detect and manage’ to ‘predict and prevent’. This change in mindset combined with the rapid technological growth and increasing focus on improving health, is resulting in a fitness and health boom across the globe. Hospitals now have dedicated nutritionists, yoga instructors and counsellors. Patients are now consumers of holistic wellness products and services.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to play an important role in the growth of fitness technology market in India but there is also a need for stronger cyber security infrastructure.

    AI has the potential to disrupt traditional clinical diagnostics as it provides greater accuracy in lesser time, can be operated by low-skilled technicians and works effectively as an affordable solution. However, a big threat patients face is due to the availability of their records online. Lack of adequate IT spending and awareness has made the healthcare industry increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats.

  • Lifestyle diseases are already responsible for significant number of deaths in India. India‚Äôs entrepreneurs are seizing this opportunity and trying to solve the problems of availability, accessibility, and affordability by leveraging technology.

Technology will play an important role in creating new opportunities in health and wellness industry in India. The healthcare sector is expected to scale new heights in coming years.

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