Pedal On: Cycling in India

For most, cycling is the perfect way to move around. Its not too slow, not too fast, its healthy, practical and eco-friendly. Here we take a look at the cycling scene in India.

Cycling in India has taken off and Bengaluru is fast becoming India’s cycling capital. Its common to see techies pedal to work on weekdays and become rallyists over the weekend. .

Top Cycle Tours in India

SITA Puducherry
Ph 0413-4200718
Timings: Mon-Sat 9am-12:30pm, 2pm-8pm
Cost: Rs.1200/person (Rs.400 children), incl. breakfast

Kerala Bicycle Trips
Ph 97420 19837
Cost: Rs.1500-4200/person
Delhi By Cycle
Ph 011-64645906, 98117 23720
Timings: 6:30-10am
Cost: Rs.1850/person, incl. breakfast

Bengaluru By Cycle
Ph 95138 86305
Timings: 6:30–9:30am
Cost: Rs.1500/person, incl. breakfast

Cyclin Jaipur
Ph 77280 60956, 77280 60651
Timings: 6:45-10am
Cost: Rs.2000/person, incl. breakfast

Virasat Experiences
Ph 0141-5109090/95, 96672 00797
Cost: Rs.1650-3500/person incl. refreshments

Art of Bicycle Trips
Ph 78294 86953
Cost: Rs.1450-2500/person (½ day tours), $1695-3495/person (multi-day) incl. stay & food

My Vintage Bicyclette
Ph 84898 97427 Email

Bums on the Saddle
Ph 080-41143064, 41505583, 73497 83178

Cycling in Pune

Raahein – Joy of Cycling
Raahein - Joy of Cycling ‘Raahein – Joy of Cycling’ is a month-long event that focuses on the environmental and health benefits of riding cycles. Its an initiative by The Times of India.

The first ‘Raahein’ cycling event was held at ‘Magarpatta City’, KalyaniNagar, in Pune. Hundreds of families with toddlers, fitness enthusiasts and even some who have not ridden a bicycle since their school days were seen pedaling at this cycling event.

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The entire track around the central garden of the ‘Magarpatta City’ township was converted into a vehicle-free zone, giving cyclists a free run on the road.

This obstruction-free bicycle-track, made it safe for cycling considering that most were riding after a long time, and was the perfect way for many to reconnect with cycling.

We just hope that this cycling event spreads to other cities in India as well!