Go CrossFit for interesting workouts and for quick weight loss

Crossfit training has become quite popular in India, and within a short span of time has succeeded in influencing the fitness psyches across various groups.

Although some of the workouts may require special skills, there’s nothing that should stop you from attempting the Crossfit (its much more interesting than working out on a treadmill or an elliptical trainer).

Crossfit is a type of exercise routine which involves a mix of cardio exercises and strength training. Crossfit training involves high-intensity interval training using kettlebells, tyres, medicine balls, training rigs, skipping ropes, rowing simulators and heavy weights.

“I decided to start crossfit training to get out of an exercise rut. I used to repeat the same workouts in gyms every single day. A different workout regime everyday gives me a sense of adventure. Also, I am working on my whole body instead of focusing on a particular muscle or movement,” said Arjun Patel, a software engineer and fitness enthusiast.

Crossfit is amazing fitness routine, you can search them online depending upon your location.
There are several gyms in India that have crossfit instructors.

Watch: This is how we Crossfit in India!

Reebok CrossFit – Sport of Fitness Has Arrived in India

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