Cold Press Pure Juicer: Retains the nutrients of fruits and vegetables

Cold Press Pure Juicer: Here’s why its an essential for today’s modern kitchen.

In today’s world, people are becoming more aware about the benefits of including fresh fruits and raw vegetables in their daily diet. They are aware of its unlimited benefits such as weight-loss, lowering blood pressure, providing increased energy, clearer skin, stronger immune systems and much more.

People are looking at more healthy options and moving away from the ready-made packaged, canned and chemically processed foods and prefer making their own meals. The focus is on whole grains, organic, herbal, natural and fresh homemade food.

Appliances in the modern house-hold kitchens include microwave ovens, non-stick utensils, hot air fryers, slicers and dicers, electric grills and various types of juicers.

Centrifugal Juicers or Mixers

But in the haste of gulping down healthy juice, people often forget that the richness and goodness of a juice is lost by using the commonly found centrifugal juicers or mixers to extract the liquid as the spinning of high-speed metal blade produces heat, thus damaging the vital enzymes and nutrients in the juice.

Also adding water during the juicing process, and the air that gets inside the jars during the spinning process makes the juice foamy and has to be immediately consumed, preservation is not an option here.

Cold Press Juicer

A cold-press juicer is the only solution to retain 100% nutrients and preserve any kind of juice for a longer period of time.

A pure juicer is the ideal companion for modern health conscious people as it preserves essential nutrients and enzymes from the fresh fruits, raw vegetables and leafy greens while extracting the juice, thanks to its slow squeezing mechanism which does not use any blades nor water.

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Advantages of the cold-press method:

  • Yields 50% more juice compared to conventional juicers and mixers
  • Extends the shelf life for upto 72 hours
  • Retains the natural taste.

Now this product should be a definite addition to any household, be it the kitchen or the dinner table; a healthy option at very reasonable cost.

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