Challenges of Being a Celebrity Fitness Trainer

For someone who wants to make a career in fitness, a celebrity fitness trainer may seem like a dream job. But what are the challenges of being a Celebrity Fitness Trainer?

Here’s what Kaizzad Capadia, often considered to be the pioneer of personal training in India, has to say.

Today, becoming a celebrity fitness trainer is not a lofty goal to aspire to. At the K11 Fitness Academy, my quotes are put up in classrooms for my students to inspire them towards the right goals, and one such quote is: “Do not aspire to be a celebrity trainer. Instead, aspire to be a trainer, who is a celebrity in his/her own right.”

I do not face any challenges while dealing with celebs, especially actors, actresses and models. Their careers drive them. Today, a celebrity who is out of shape can kiss goodbye to his/her career and hence, with so much at stake, they are always extremely driven and disciplined. I always get 100percent compliance from them with regards to diet and exercise protocols.

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