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Woman Imitates Sex on Cricket Ground

woman imitates sex on cricket ground

A woman is seen imitating sex while watching a game of cricket. She probably comes to know that she’s been captured on television, and is a bit embarrassed. Well, you really can’t blame the tv/channel producers completely for this, because cricket can get dull at times in certain matches. That’s when you focus your attention […]

Food, Diet, Health, Fitness (Jokes & Humour)

Corporate wellness (Joke): Not working hard During the annual executive health check up in a company, two employees were found to have normal blood pressure and blood sugar. Both of them were terminated for not working hard enough. 🙂 🙂 Food & Health Jokes Q: Should I eat more fruits and vegetables and cut down […]

Yoga vs Whisky / Vodka: Who Wins?

yoga vs whiskey

Yoga Jokes and Humor… Pic 1: it takes years of practice to do this asana The ancient yogis used logs of wood, stones, and ropes to help them practice asana’s effectively. Extending this principle, Yogacharya Iyengar invented props which allow asana’s to be help easily for a longer duration, without strain… Pic2: it takes only […]

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