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More and more people are turning towards the ancient practice of Ayurveda. Find all Ayurveda articles here, its benefits, and popular Ayurvedic products available for healing & better health.

ORGANIC INDIA products promote healthy living

organic india

ORGANIC INDIA – Manufacturers of Organic Products (Tea, Ghee, Chyawanprash). Lucknow based Organic India produces a wide range of organic herbal and ayurvedic health products. Their organically grown tulsi teas are quite popular. The company also makes herbal colors (for Holi celebrations) and also exports organically-grown flowers. For their brand promotion, Organic India recently converted […]

Radiancio supplement for healthy, beautiful skin and hair

Radiancio is a supplement designed to optimize the condition of your skin, hair and nails and to improve/strengthen the overall condition of your body. Here’s how Radiancio helps: Rejuvenates your look Improves the absorption of nutrients Detoxifies of the body Fights free radicals Enhances immune system Prevents hair loss and skin problems Radiancio Features: 100% […]

Kama Raja – Cure For Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction: causes and treatment

Kama Raja is a male performance/enhancement supplement that claims to cure the problem of erectile dysfunction and other associated sexual ailments. Its a herbal/ayurvedic supplement that uses only natural ingredients and pharmaceutical grade extracts. Kama Raja claims to cause no negative side effects. Watch: Kama Raja – Natural Cure For Erectile Dysfunction Sanskrit word “Kama […]

IME-9 Ayurvedic Diabetes Medicine: Does it really work?

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IME-9 is an effective Ayurvedic medicine for controlling diabetes, developed by C.C.R.A.S. (MINISTRY OF AYUSH GOVT. OF INDIA). KUDOS Ayurveda is distributing IME-9 all over India. Diabetes (Madhumeha in Hindi) is growing at a much rapid pace. Its a dangerous disease that leads to many other complications. Many say diabetes can be compared to termite […]

Ayurveda for Obesity, Fat loss, Cholesterol


Ayurveda for treating obesity, cholesterol, helping fat loss. Obesity or fat is called Med in Ayurveda. Its an essential ingredient for the human body but when it starts increasing disproportionately, the resultant weight gain gives rise to various kinds of diseases. That is why its important to stop unnecessary fat accumulation. Excess fat accumulation can […]

Ayurveda for treating urinary system related diseases


Ayurveda for treating urinary system related diseases. When you eat food in order to nourish the body, the liquid-waste produced (during the biotic process) is filtered through blood by kidneys and thrown out of body in the form of urine. Over-exercise, too much alcohol, consumption of dry food, drinking less water, holding up urine discharge, […]

Sukraja Supplement for Male Potency

Sukraja is a male sexual performance/enhancement supplement that helps increase sperm count and semen volume for increased fertility and more intense sexual experiences. One of the most common problems that men face (as they age) is low potency which manifests in multiple ways such as poor libido, low sperm count, low semen volume, poor sexual […]

Ayurstate prostrate supplemen for prostate care

A lot of guys in their forties and fifties experience changes in their bathroom habits – frequent urinating, weaker urine stream, not emptying the bladder completely. If even you’re experiencing these problems, you should try out Ayurstate ( Ayurstate is an all-natural supplement containing herbal extracts, known for their positive impact on prostate health. These […]

Ayurveda for Intelligence, Brain Power and Memory


Ayurveda for Intelligence, Brain Power and Memory. To shape a career, to succeed in competitive exams, its important to study but its also important to have better concentration, memory and comprehension. And Ayurveda can help here also. Herbs like Bramhi, Shankpushpi, Ashwagandha, which are mentioned in Ayurveda, are known to enhance the above mentioned qualities […]

Ayurveda for Indigestion: Effective Remedies

Ayurvedic approach (home remedies) for Indigestion. Are you experiencing the following? Decreased appetite Feeling of fullness Bitter taste in mouth, coated tongue Belching or gas In that case, you could be suffering from Indigestion. Here are some home-made, ayurvedic remedies to cure indigestion (peptic ulcers, loss of appetite and heartburn). Pomegranate juice help balance the […]

Ayurveda for Kidney Diseases: Natural Treatments


Ayurveda for Kidney Diseases: Natural/Herbal treatments for Kidney disorders, including kidney stones. Purification of blood is done in the kidneys. There are several tiny blood vessels in kidneys, known as ‘Nephrons’. These nephrons filter the waste from the blood, which is then discharged through urine. Effectiveness of these nephrons decline over the years, and there […]

Ayurveda for Diabetes: Natural / Herbal Treatments

Ayurveda for Diabetes: Natural / Herbal treatments for controlling Type 1 / Type 2 diabetes. Increased level of blood sugar, no control over level of blood sugar in spite of use of Insulin resulting in ill effects on important organs like Kidney, eyes, late healing of wounds etc. For these symptoms of Diabetes, Ayurveda has […]

Ayurveda for Acidity: Effective Remedies

Ayurvedic approach (home remedies) to cure acidity. Are you experiencing the following? Burning sensation, nausea, vomiting, sour or bitter belching Ulcers in mouth, gastritis Severe headache Itching all over body Does your lifestyle include irregular meals, frequent junk food, late night work, drinks, night-shifts, etc. In that case, you might be suffering from acidity. Ayurvedic […]

Yogic Slim for weight loss, improved metabolism

green food supplements

Yogic Slim natural pills helps you to lose weight by improving your metabolism, increase vitality & health. Yogic Slim helps you to: Reduce cravings, better your eating habits Improve your metabolism and energy levels Improve absorption of nutrients Reduce the fat and cholesterol in your body Aids weight loss. Yogic Slim features: 100% natural extracts […]

Sherpa Strength for muscle power and stronger skeletal system

muscle building tips

Shera Strength is a natural, ayurvedic product that helps strengthens the muscle skeletal system. Here’s how Sherpa Strength helps: Increases your energy level Improves circulation Stimulates the growth of smooth muscle Prevents the deterioration of muscles Strengthens your bones Improves muscle recovery Its based on Ayurveda, the oldest and most complete system of treatment. Sherpa […]

Mystic Sleep herbal supplement for better, restorative sleep

sleep healthy

Mystic Sleep is a natural product that helps you get better sleep, and calms the mind. Mystic Sleep helps to: Increase the production of melatonin Reduce levels of cortisol Eliminates mental fatigue and anxiety Support optimal brain function Provides a deep and restful sleep Mystic Sleep Features: 100% natural extracts (composition) Independently tested by SGS […]

Cardiofy supplement for better cardiovascular health

health supplements

Cardiofy is a natural supplement that helps you maintain your overall cardiovascular health. Here’s how it helps: Lowers Your Blood Pressure. Regulates Serum Lipids. Strengthen Your Heart and Arteries. Improves Your Blood Circulation. Raises Good Cholesterol. Lowers Bad Cholesterol. How to keep your Heart healthy Cardiofy contains herbal extracts that helps heart functioning, helps blood […]

AyurGold: The Natural Blood Sugar Balancer

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AyurGold is a natural supplement for diabetics that helps to control blood sugar levels. AyurGold, a product of India Herbs, is based on the ancient medical science known as Ayurveda. Unlike drugs, it doesn’t give you unhealthy side effects. Ayurgold For Blood Sugar Control AyurGold is a widely used and well known product used to […]

Kama Rani Herbal Supplement for Female Libido

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Kama Rani is a natural/herbal supplement for women that improves female libido. Its not just the males who experience decreased sexual health; even women face the problem due to several reasons (stress, poor diet, aging, etc.) Kama Rani can help you get back your libido. Watch: Kama Rani Here’s what it does: Bolster your Estrogenic […]

Ayurveda muscular tonic for muscle tone


Ayurveda for better muscle strength & tone. This blend of select herbs and oils helps tighten and firm muscles with regular use. We all need power for our daily activities. We get this power from our muscles. Muscles are important right from childhood to old age. Weak muscles, though stimulated by nerve, are not able […]

Ayurveda for cough & common cold: Effective remedies


Ayurvedic (home remedies) for cough, common cold & fever. Are you experiencing the following? Chronic cough and cold, asthma Sinusitis, allergic rhinitis Sore throat Nasal congestion Want supportive treatment for pneumonia, bronchitis, etc.? Kadha prepared with lemongrass and tulsi used to be a quick homemade remedy for the common cold and cough in the olden […]

Arthmender: for health and rejuvenation of joints

Arthmender is a natural dietary supplement for rejuvenation of joints. It lets you enjoy healthy joint movements. Here’s how Arthmender helps: Reduces inflammation and joint pain Fights body toxins and free radicals Builds immunity Accelerates tissue repair Strengthens bones and muscles Improve joint flexibility Arthmender Features: 100% natural extracts (composition) Independently tested by SGS (laboratory […]

ClariMind Memory and Concentration Supplement

ClariMind, by India Herbs, is a natural herbal supplement that claims to promote brain function, offer stress relief, enhance energy levels, and support memory and concentration. With age brain weight and volume decrease and brain function starts decreasing; this Ayurveda formula provides nutrients that combat mental stress, anxiety and depression; it also supports memory and […]

Immunice for immune support (better immunity and resistance)

Immunice natural herbal supplements (based on Ayurveda) helps strengthen the immune system. Immunice improves immunity so that you stay healthy consistently. Here’s how Immunice helps: Strengthens immunity Defends you from diseases and allergies Helps speedy recovery Overcomes radicals and toxins Prevents mutation of cells Acting on the changes that come from aging Immunice Features: 100% […]

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