Bouncer Jobs in India

Have a good physique, are a night owl and want to work in a hep place? You should consider becoming a Club bouncer.

While the clubbing scene in Mumbai (and most place in India) may not be as exciting as in most foreign countries, there are several happening night clubs in Mumbai (Bandra-Andheri belt, and in South Mumbai), and other cities like Delhi, Bangalore. Almost every 5-star hotel in Mumbai has a club, and all of these venues need bouncers.

Bouncers need a good personality, lot of confidence, and a good physique.

What Does a Bouncer Do?

A bouncer is a type of security guard, employed by bars, nightclubs, and concerts for the following:

  • To provide security
  • To check legal age of the patrons and refuse entry if required
  • To refuse entry (or evict patrons) for excessive intoxication, aggressive behavior or non-compliance with rules.

Most bouncers are employed as part-time or for the short-term, which means newer opportunities constantly arise. Job prospects also improve with experience.

Here are some things to know about the jobs of a bouncer in a nightclub.

  • Club bouncers don’t work the typical nine-to-five shifts. Their work shift begins about 10 p.m.
  • It may not pay you a lot, but you get to attend a lively party every day.
  • A bouncer’s job profile is a bit risky. As per most statistics, a club bouncer is more likely to experience physical violence while on the job (compared to the police). However, in a place like Mumbai you can expect the action to be a bit more subdued.

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