Best vibration platform machines: Reviews & Prices

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) therapy is an alternative exercise regimen that offers significant health and wellness benefits, from improved circulation and muscle toning to increased stamina and relaxation. These vibration platforms (also known as power plates) may be too expensive for home use, but more consumer-friendly models do exist. You can use these to reduce weight, to improve your fitness and flexibility, or to build up your muscles.

  • These are great if you dont have sufficient space at home and want to keep your body in shape
  • These are stable and can be used in a variety of ways.
  • It can also be used to lose weight, which is a major factor for users nowadays

OSIM uShape

The whole body vibration motion causes rapid muscle contractions, making the muscles work continuously, as the body strives to keep its balance. These contractions help to strengthen muscles, increase metabolism to burn more calories, and break down fat more effectively to reveal a shapelier you.

Full Body Workout
Tones arms and butt
Strengthen obliques and arms
Tones arms and tummy
Tones thighs and calves

RoboTouch- Full Body Exercise Vibration Plate – Body Shaper

Adopting balance type vibration mode to achieve fitness effect, for 5 minutes exercise is equivalent to 1 km running
Unique arc pedal design, make the exercise effect better
Set with simulation measurement of calories and exercise mileage
The movement pedal set with run, jogging, walking motion region, to meet the different amounts of movement.
Time is 5-30 minutes timing adjustable, the default start working time is 15 minutes

Whole Body Vibration Machine – Total Body Vibration Exercise Benefits

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