Best Fish Oil Supplement for health benefits

Fish oils supplements provide several health benefits, and there are many in India who already take it (cod liver oil). Here’s more on selecting the best fish oil supplement from the several brands available.

While many in India consume Fish oil supplements, not many give thought to the quality of the supplements.
For example, is it possible that the the fish source is contaminated with toxins such as mercury, PCBs, and other harmful chemicals? The danger of environmental contamination is very likely.

So before buying fish oil, make sure its free of toxins.

Ingredients that the fish oil vitamins should contain:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids which includes three types: DHA, EPA and DPA.
  • Other nutrients such as Vitamin E.

Reputable companies source their fish from good waters, especially from the deep sea where the fish are less likely to ingest pollutants. Besides, they also use further purification methods to remove harmful toxins from the fish.

Expert Recommendation
One of these companies worth mentioning is Xtend Life. You check out their product page on fish oil supplements and view their Certificate of Analysis. Based on these, it is easy to see how their Omega 3/DHA Esters supplement is probably one of the best in the market today, if not the best. They provide the best value for money, for your health.

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