Best Badminton Rackets (Racquets) available in India

Top branded badminton rackets (racquets) that you can buy online in India.

Badminton is the most popular racquet sport in India right now, thanks to players like P.V. Sindhu, Saina Nehwal. A good racquet is essential to play good badminton and to beat your opposition. Modern badminton racquets are made of carbon fibre composite or aluminium. Its important for a good racket to be lightweight (should not ideally weigh more than 100 grams).

Here are the top badminton racquets that you may consider to improve your game.

Yonex Muscle power 7

The Muscle Power series has high repulsive power that helps in sharp smashes. You get a decent graphite shaft with an aluminium head. The racquet is slightly on the heavy side and weighs around 93 grams. With a medium flex, expect good amounts of stability and control. Its a great racquet for beginners and intermediate badminton players.

Wilson Fierce C1500

Wilson Fierce C1500 badminton racket is a great competitive racquet available at a reasonable price. The frame is made of HM graphite, weighs around 84 grams. Features Wilson’s BLX technology that reduces vibrations and improves control. Its ideal for intermediate badminton players. If you are looking to replace the strings, consider getting strings that offer 24-26 lbs of tension (we recommend strings from Yonex).

Yonex Duora 10

The Duora features a revolutionary dual optimum design that combines the box and the aero frame design to increase the repulsion speed (great for forehand and backhand). Composite shaft made of H.M. graphite, Nanometric DR, and Ni-Ti Fibre. Its extremely lighter yet offers tremendous impact strength. The Duora 10 is the slimmest racquet ever produced by Yonex(reduces air resistance). The racquet weighs 88-93 grams. This racket is ideal for advanced/senior badminton players. For stringing, go for 3U strings with 16-26 lbs of tension.

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