How to help kids find the right balance between sports and academics

Kids love to go to the garden or play some sport, the moment they’re back from school (and they don’t want to come back home soon), leaving most parents worried.

Parents are worried that by the time the kid come back home, s/he will be too tired and go off to sleep, leaving almost no time to finish their homework.

Children (and parents) in India go through a similar emotional turmoil every day trying to balance studies and sports.

Balancing sports and academics may seem like a difficult task, but its possible. Children need not give up sports to focus on Academics. Besides, sports and physical activities help children lead a healthy life, besides learning valuable life lessons.

In fact, several research findings suggests that children dabbling with both sports and academics, in the long run, become better focused, disciplined, show better concentration and are good at time- management.

So here are some tips to help you find the right balance.

  1. Help Kids to prioritize: Make them understand that they may have to give up on watching their favorite TV program so that they can focus on sports and studies.
  2. Help them plan things: Guide your child to get a grip on their time table or course schedule.
  3. Communicate and engage with them: While maintaining the importance of sports, help your child to develop positive attitudes toward school and learning.
  4. Right Nutrition: Make sure your child eats that right diet. Take a water bottle along. Keep drinking water to keep hydrated.
  5. Prevent burnout, watch out for warning signs: Sometimes balancing sports and academics becomes too difficult for the children, even if the kids are willing to stretch themselves. Encourage them to take breaks from both studies and sports, as its also important for children to be just like kids (will prevent burnout too).

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