Back Stretches

How To Do Back Stretches Correctly – Increase your flexibility and prevent injury by using these Back stretches.

Your back is one of the most important parts of your body, since it supports your spinal cord as well as supports your abdomens. You will need to have a strong back if you need strong abs as well.

But before that you will need to do some back stretches to prevent your muscles from pulling. You need to stretch lower back as well as do upper back stretch.

Your back stretching exercises should be part of your overall stretching routine, which should be for around 5-7 minutes.

Best Back Stretching Exercises

Here are some back stretches which you can do before you begin your main intense workout. These include some neck stretches as well.

Hold each stretch for around 10 seconds.

Side Stretch
Spread your legs. Reach your right arm above and over your head. Bend at your hip and lean towards your left side. Reach your right arm over as far as you can. Switch sides.

Sitting Back Stretch
Sit on the floor. Bend both your legs and place your left foot under your bent right knee. Turn to your right and put your left elbow on your knee and push. Switch sides.

Back Stretch
Clasp your hands in front of you and roll your shoulders forward. Clasp your hands behind and push down rolling your shoulders back. Repeat twice.

Arm Circles
Hold your arms out to your sides and start making small circles in the forward direction. Do this 10 times then go backwards 10 times. Then make the circles bigger, going forward 10 times and back 10 times.

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Relax your arms and swing them away from your body, then across your body like you are going to give yourself a hug.

Neck Stretch
Reaching your hands down, tilt your head to the right. Roll your neck down and tilt it to the left. Repeat 10 times.

Roll your neck back to the right and look up. Roll back to the left and look up. Repeat 10 times.

Once you are done with these back stretching exercises, you are reading to begin your intense back workout routine. You can get started with these best back exercises.


Stretching exercises is a must before you begin your main workout. Devote around 5-7 minutes for stretches and try to stretch all your major body parts. The sample back stretches provided here shows the right way to stretch lower back, and to do upper back stretch. Increase your flexibility and prevent injury by using these back stretching exercises.

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