Ayurveda for treating urinary system related diseases

Ayurveda for treating urinary system related diseases.

When you eat food in order to nourish the body, the liquid-waste produced (during the biotic process) is filtered through blood by kidneys and thrown out of body in the form of urine.

Over-exercise, too much alcohol, consumption of dry food, drinking less water, holding up urine discharge, etc. are some of the reasons for diseases of urinary system like urinary stones, burning sensation, problems in urinating, urinating in small quantity, pelvic pains, infection in urinary track, discharge of puss and proteins through urine.

Varun, Pashanbhed, Gokshur, Punarnava, Yavkshar, Guggul, atc. are prescribed in Ayurveda and useful in these diseases. These herbs increase the power of urinary system and improve the process of urine formation as well as help to discharge urine in a proper manner and proportion.

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