Ayurveda for Obesity, Fat loss, Cholesterol

Ayurveda for treating obesity, cholesterol, helping fat loss.

Obesity or fat is called Med in Ayurveda. Its an essential ingredient for the human body but when it starts increasing disproportionately, the resultant weight gain gives rise to various kinds of diseases.

That is why its important to stop unnecessary fat accumulation.

Excess fat accumulation can happen for various reasons – absence of physical work, eating excess of oil and sweet, and heredity. Excess fat increases pressure on heart, liver, kidney.

Ayurveda talks about ingredients that can reduce weight and fight obesity. These are Triphala, Gokharu, Kaanchnar, Shuddh, Guggul, Dry Ginger Powder, Pepper, Chitrak, Pimpali and Vidang.

These ingredients increase the body’s capability to digest fat, which decreases the accumulation of fat. Generally in a month one begins to feel light weight, but it takes three to four months for the body to be able to digest the extra fats and see results.

Regular exercise is advised. Quantity of oil, butter, sweets, rice, brinjal, potatoes, salt and sugar in diet should be reduced.

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